Day 10 – Pin Curl Updo

Some friends of mine are getting married tomorrow and I’m really excited to get to play “Dress Up.” I have a fun dress to wear, but in Jo fashion, I need to do something exciting with my hair. After stumbling upon this hair tutorial, I decided this was the one for me 😀

I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I can do it, but luckily I have a full day to figure out how to make this work. Pictures coming soon!

Congratulations Dave & Julie!!!

Day 8 – Rihanna Inspired

The ever-so-fabulous Sarah Breck sent this to me and I thought it was worthy of a share. Thanks Sarah!!


I’ve been know to wear my hair in a similar style to this, and I think how I do it is much more simple; however, I think this looks more professionally done. Regardless, I think this looks smashing.

Send me a picture if you try this. Would love to see how it looks!

Hair by Lindsay K.

Ladies, thank you for all the comments and photos that you’ve sent me. Here is one of the great emails I got from a few of you that I thought I should pass on to everyone! Lindsay, thanks for photographing your hard work and for letting me post this on my blog!! xoxo

1. Side-swept bumper bangs. I didn’t realize I’d been doing bumper bangs until I saw the tutorials! I just got tired of rolling my pin-curl one way and wanted to switch it up. I’m still working on the proper bumper-bang, but this is pretty and easy for now.

2. This is the bumper-bang/pin-curl hybrid I mentioned in the comments. Another thing where I was inspired by the bumper bang tutorials and tired of doing my usual pin-curl (I have bangs that are growing out, it’s how I keep them up and out of my face) in the same direction every day. I had never played around with pulling it to the other side of my face, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it’s a great way to get a simple betty page bangs silhouette without much effort!

3. And finally, I thought it would be fun to make a real style out of how my hair usually ends up at the end of a long, fun night. My hair rejects bobby pins like no other (even though the type I have seems like it would hold them with NO problem, provided there are enough), so towards the end of the night I tend to just give up and have fun with it. All I had to do to make it look a bit nicer was put in one pin to keep it close to the side of my face. We’ll see if it stays…

Anyway, thanks again for your awesome month of hair inspiration! I can’t wait to continue trying all the styles (and for my hair to get just a bit longer – I miss it soooo much it’s ridiculous. I had it to about the same length as yours).

Hair Tutorial – Day Seven – Hair Rat

Thank goodness for Fleur! She has a fabulous website where she shares her vintage knowledge and provides lots of authentic vintage & retro fashion inspiration, plus styling tips, recipes, events and other fab things.

Here’s what she has to say about her video:

“My second ever vintage hair tutorial, this time it’s 40s style faux / bumper bangs! Not quite as big as Dita von Teese’s (or her icon Carmen Miranda) but better for those not quite as brave! It could also work for a 50s, Bettie Page style look and it’s a perfect pinup girl style. Look out for the comedy fumble at the beginning!”

I love that she calls bobby pins “curvy grips.” Oh those English, they are so charming!

I think I’ll be spending some time on this one. I’d really like to be a master of the rat tail (hehehe). I dig the look! More on this later!!