Lots of Reading

I’ve been Stateside since late Monday night and I feel like I’ve done nothing other than read articles on the web. Part of me feels like I must have been in an existential funk (but couldn’t go buy a new suit) and the other part of me feels like it was an incredibly good use of my time since I’ve lost touch with reality recently (that’s what a month in Herrang will do for you).

Here are some sites that kept me busy the last few days:

Barked up the Wrong Tree
Big Think
High Existence
The New Scientist
JD Man Stories – a hilarious read of boy antics. Here’s a favorite one about why NOT to date a crazy girl.

What are your favorite sites to visit? Where do you go to catch up on your reading? What else do I need to read?

And did you get the reference? I hope so!

Gowns of 1934

Pictures and content reblogged from Couture Allure Vintage Fashion

Maggy Rouff purple and gold silk gown worn with a large purple velvet scarf.

Chanel gold lamé evening gown. The bodice is embroidered with gold metallic threads.

Callot Soeurs silk faille gown in dove gray with pink pleated frills at the back.

Jacques Heim black silk satin mermaid hem gown worn with a white fox fur stole.

Marcel Rochas black silk stripe gown with ruffles down the sides. The gown is adorned with a bird made of black feathers that has a diamante beak.

I found these dresses on Couture Allure Vintage Fashion, which is “a blog for lovers of vintage clothing and fashion, where you can learn about vintage styles, designers, and design concepts through photos from the past. [It] also feature vintage garments available for sale [on her]  website.” You should subscribe to this site like I do and enjoy all of her fabulous posts! Speaking of which, here are some of her popular posts:
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