Gap Khaki Commercial

“Gap – Khakis Swing”, a 1998 television commercial, introduced much of the world to what became known as ‘Bullet Time’. The 30 second ad featured khaki trousers-wearing dancers swing dancing and throwing aerials. This commercial helped propel swing music back into the mainstream and publicized the swing revival of the late 90’s.
This commercial got me interested in swing dancing because the aerials looked like so much fun. I found a place that taught aerials, found out there were dances on the weekends with kids my own age, and then I was hooked. At some point I started going into The City to dance and that is when I found my place in the world. I spent the next several years trying to maximize my time dancing, rehearsing, and traveling, all in the name of lindy.

Music for The Gap Khaki Swing comes from Louis Prima’s swing number, “Jump, Jive an’ Wail”, performed by Brian Setzer and Orchestra.