L’Edition Francaise

La Danse! Le Burlesque! L’Edition Francaise is playing at the The Triple Door this weekend, so in case you aren’t going to the dances at Camp Jitterbug, you should go support some great local burlesque!!


One of the hotest burlesque numbers, ever!!!

L’Edition Francaise features an all star cast: Miss Indigo Blue, Kitten LaRue, Lily Verlaine, Bunny Monroe, The Luminious Pariah, Paris Original, Changra La-La, Trojan Original, Stella Saintclair, Inga Ingenue, Sassy DeLure and Scott Bartell (both of whom are flying in just for these performances). The three nights of shows also feature the formidable talents of Kylie Lewallen and Ty Cheng of Spectrum Dance Theater.

Lily Verlaine, Olivier Wevers, and Kitten LaRue choreographed three individual performance suites tied together by French music and nostalgic pop culture- and of course, burlesque. It’s smoldering, playful and full of surprises.

Photos from Chris Blakeley