The Plan – Sunday

Kevin and I finally decided that we are staying in Gotenborg, Sweden until next week and will fly to Kiev, Ukraine on Friday.

Currently we are staying at Jane’s house (she is one of the organizers of Swingin’ in Spring which is the event Kevin and I came for) and it’s quite cozy. Kevin and I are still going to the studio to train and we’re still eating out. In someways it feels like a very plain existence, but in other ways I almost feel “normal.”

On a side note, I am rather proud of myself. I very rarely have the opportunity to train the way I have been, for this many days in a row, and you know what? It feels great! ARRRR (*shaking fist in the air)….if my travel schedule was different I could train more…..hehe, or I’d have to come up with better excuses =) Nonetheless, It’d been great to regularly have access to the type of facility I currently do.


On a differnet note, Kevin and I went to the Liseberg Amusement Park yesterday and had a blast!! We saw rode all the roller coasters, got slightly sick, ate a bunch of candy, and then danced to a 15 piece big band on a real dance floor. Fun fact for you: apparently Sweden has the largest per capita consumption of sugar. Young or old, they love their sweets.

I jumped in two of these pictures so it wasn’t weird that Kevo was taking pictures of people with ginormous candy. Wow, right? Here are some other fun pictures from our adventure:

“Captain Morgan” Jo outside Liseberg.

Finally, here is our “commercial” for the best ride at the park. The Kanonen Roller Coaster goes from 0-70km in 2 seconds! Wow-ee-wow-wow.

The Kanonen Roller Coaster