Filming for iDance

Currently I, along with the other Killer Dillers, am in Asheville, NC filming for which means a bunch more clips of me and Kevin and the KDs should be online in the next two weeks. I am really excited about some of the stuff Kev and I are putting up there….so go take a look.

So here’s a quick run down of the filming process:

Get up, eat breakfast, do hair and make up. Wait.
Drive/Travel to the location. Wait.
Fiddle with equipment. Start filming. Wait to render.
Do more filming. Eat lunch.
Continue to film.
Other members arrive where there is a changing of the guards. Wait a little more.
Rinse and repeat.

So as you can see, it’s not particularly glamorous, but it makes for a relatively easy day. The hardest part about filming is having to be concise, eloquent, engaged, and funny at the drop of a dime. Quite a few of the lessons Kev and I filmed today we’ve done plenty of times, but some of them are new for us, meaning we really had to wing it. For example (*snicker), we taught the “Shin Breaker” today. It’s that aerial that you might have learned back in 1999 (if you were dancing that early)….where you are in side-by-side with your partner, the follow jumps onto the leaders leg (landing on her shins), and then she is tossed out into swing out position. You know? Yeah….we’ve both done it, but haven’t really “taught” it per se. Hehe, well, anyways, that’d be rather funny to see if you ask me.

This is mine and Kevin’s third time filming together. We created 4 DVDs in November 2007 (if you’re keeping track, that’s about 2 months after we officially came on the scene together), filmed online clips January 2009 in Australia for iLindy (which subsequently are on instead), and are currently filming. What I can say about all of this is that the process gets easier, but only because you are more familiar with it. Currently we are using a spreadsheet to map out what we’re going to teach, the nickname, a description, etc. and it’s eaten up a ton of time, but it makes the organization while filming (and during post-production) significantly easier. The other nice thing is that Kevin and I both know each others rhythm and can easily fill in the gaps where necessary. Finally, we’ve found a formula for us that works: introduce a move, show the geography, demo follower/leader footwork with “kick steps” and with counts, put the pieces together, point out important detail, and then do it to music. Pretty easy.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve got. I am having a fun time filming, learning about new software, learning a new method of filming, and getting to spend some more time with The Killer Diller, and Michael & Jaya, who are two cool cats.

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles!