Febru-Hairy Day 1 – Sock Bun

Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re off! Opening this year’s Jo Hoffberg’s favorite/interesting/useful hair tutorials is brought to you by Eisy Morgan. It’s an interesting idea and I’m wondering if this idea/technique could apply elsewhere. What I love about this is how enormous you get make your hair. Well, let’s get started 😀

Grab a sock, cut off the toes, roll it down as if you were cuffing a shirt, and that’s the scrunchie that you’re going to use. Now, fast forward to 2:12 and get started!!

What I like about this video is how few hair-things she used. I love watching videos where people MacGyver things.

I also found this video, which I quite like. Miss Peace n Love‘s voice is….memorable, but I like how she broke this down. Get your hair in a pony tail and start watching at 1:37.

What fun is that instead of using a sock, she used a leg warmer. I think this is the one I’m going to try right now!!

Hair Tutorial – Day Three

I picked this video for two reasons. First, it looks pretty easy and is for medium length hair, and secondly, I think the Ukrainian girl has a very charming accent and her mannerism are adorable!

I don’t think I could dance in this one, but I could wear it as an every day look. I like the look of this better with curly hair, rather than straight, but I’m not willing to curl my hair at the moment. But I will say, having multi-colored hair makes this look kinda spiffy. 🙂