The Plan – Wedesday

Our plan continues to change, but in general, this is what I think we are going to do:

(This is from an email that Kevin wrote to a buddy of our back in Pittsburgh)

” We are still in Gotenborg, Sweden and our ideas for what to do next change daily, sometimes hourly, but it looks like we will all go to Stockholm this weekend for a big dance show, then take a ferry down to Riga, Latvia where hopefully our Lindy Mafia friends from Vilnus, Lithuania will pick us up and drive us to Vilnius where Juan and Sharon are teaching a workshop. Meanwhile, Jo and I will try to catch a ride from the Rhythm Junkies (Lithuania Jazz Band) who are hired at the same event in Kiev, Ukraine. Of course, we need to try to get transit visas through Belarus first. Juan and Sharon were already going to be in Europe. The volcano is [potentially] making them miss their gig in Slovenia . Jo and I where hoping to be back in the US for 10 days, but it’s smarter for us to stay since we have three big gigs in May that we don’t want to miss. Even if we go to the US, we may not be able to get back for in time. ”

The latest and greatest! More to come!!

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Stuck in Europe

Here is the cloud of smoke I am trying to plan my travel-life around:

Kevin, Juan & Sharon, and I are in Gotenborg, Sweden and our travel plans continue to change. Kevin and I were supposed to go back to the US on Monday, but that flight got pushed back to Wednesday (today). Unfortunately, the Gotenborg airport is still closed, meaning we’ve been rescheduled for April 24. Juan & Sharon were supposed to leave today but have also been rescheduled.

Boo. I was planning on heading to San Francisco for a birthday party this weekend and it’s soooooooo not going to happen. On the other hand, Europe is a pretty awesome place to get stuck. Currently the four of us are still in the B&B we were staying in this past weekend, we have internet access, and a beautiful dance studio to train in. Life is pretty good, all things considered.

Currently Kevin and I are trying to find a way to Kiev, Ukraine so we can make it to Swinglandia next weekend. I think we’ll head down to Stockholm, ferry to somewhere else, have the Lithuanians pick us up, we’ll hang with them for a bit, and then road trip to Kiev. Not sure if that’s all going to happen, but I think that is the (tentative) current plan.

The latest updates in regards to flights information that I’ve seen:

BELGIUM – Airspace open. Limited service
BRITAIN – Airspace open over Scotland and Northern Ireland. Limited airspace over north of England. London airports closed
DENMARK – Airspace above 16,600ft open. No landings
FRANCE – Limited flights from Paris to international destinations. Most airports open
GERMANY – Airspace staying shut to 0001 GMT Wednesday, apart from 800 low-altitude flights
IRELAND – Airspace closed
ITALY – Airspace open. Handful of flights resumed in and out of Milan
NETHERLANDS – Airspace open. Passenger flights arriving and departing in Amsterdam
NORWAY – Airspace reopened
POLAND – Airspace closed
SPAIN – Airspace open; all airports operating
SWEDEN – Airspace open over central-northern Sweden
SWITZERLAND – Airspace reopened

Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull (AYA-feeyapla-yurkul) volcano erupts for the first time in 190 years on 29 March, 2010, opening a 500m (2,000ft) fissure. The eruption produces lava, a volcanic plume, and steam from vaporized snow.

Click here for awesome satellite views of the Iceland volcano.

For more details with what’s happening, you can read this Huffington post and this article about the Eyjafjallajokull glacier.

Game plan: What to Wear

Packing is such an ordeal now that I am trying to match my clothes and look presentable on a regular basis. I am sure at some point it will get easier, but as of right now, I still have to try on clothes, put together outfits, and see what I can combine with what. Guh….more work than necessary, and I am slow because I get easily side tracked (like now….I am blogging instead of packing).

I am heading to Europe tomorrow and I’ll be visiting Cologne, Germany; Barcelona, Spain; Dublin, Ireland; and Gothenborg, Sweden. Luckily I’ve previously taught in all of these cities at all of these camps so I have general idea of what to expect. It’s going to be a good bit colder than it’s been the past few weeks and there are beaucoup performances I have to prepare for which translates to “beaucoup de luggage.” I decided I wanted to write out what I was bringing in hopes that it would detour me from over packing (I’ll keep you posted on that). So here’s what I think I am bringing, what days I think I will wear it, performance info, and weather:

jeans + blue silk shirt (+ long sleeve shirt) + belt
knee socks + boots

high waisted jeans + BCBG shirt (+ long sleeve shirt)
Tuxedo jacket

gray dress + 2 pairs tights
knee socks + boots

leggings + white sweater + tank top
(OR blue shirt with jewels + long sleeve shirt)
knee socks + boots
night: gray skirt + white top
tights + scarf
black shoes

jeans + blue/white striped shirt + tank top
Tuxedo jacket
night: red twirly dress (+ long sleeve shirt)
VS tights + white shoes

brown skirt + red/purple/long sleeve white shirt
scarf + belt
black shoes
night: dress (white check & black) + scarf + tights

blue dress + black shirts
footless tights + black shoes
night: purple dress + tights

additional items:
work out pants + 4 shirts + running shoes
pjs + shirt + flip flops

Stratosphere: dress, knickers, hat, goggles, boots
Puttin’ on the Ritz: red lingerie
Group number: black & red dress / gold skirt

Barcelona:    weather: 45-61 degrees
Fan Dance

Dublin:        weather: 39-53 degrees
Intro #
Fan Dance/PotR

Gothenborg:       weather: 36-50 degrees
Fan Dance

EEEEEk!! lots of stuff.

More to come!

Does anyone else do this or is it just me? Hahha, it might be.

Traveling – rant

One of the many exciting things about traveling so often is that so many things can happen before you arrive to your destination.

Last week I came back from Quebec and it took me twelve hours to get home. I had looked at my ticket, but hadn’t quite focused on my return flight. Had I, I probably would have taken a 7:00 flight vs a 10:00 am flight and would have had a shorter layover subsequently. Gar!!!!!

Currently I am in Europe and I have already had quite the travel experience. I flew into Paris and then took 2 trains to get to Grenoble. To get to the Lyon St Exupery airport, I had to take a tram to a bus and from there, I am scheduled for two more flights before I arrive to my next destination.

For this tour, I arranged it I’d so I wouldn’t have to purchase my own flights. Unfortunately by doing that, I lost some control on how and when I travel. Normally I book direct flight for myself unless they are $150 or more than something with a layover because frankly my time is with something. I did, however, forget to specify that I’d like to check ALL the details of the travel plans and approve them before they are bought. So really it’s my fault that I have a travel schedule that I am not pleased with. Arg!!!!!!!

Ok, that was my rant for the day. I might need to do it again when I switch cities.