Bow-tastic Fascinators

As a kid I hated bows, but for some reason I just love them now. Some of the bows below clip in and some are on headbands (or alice bands if you are British). Well priced at £7-£20, except for the last two are over £130. Hopefully this will at leave give you ideas so that you can make your own if you have the time and means.

Chapeau Claudette Best Of British Bow has expanded into one of the most comprehensive shopping destinations online and is the no. 2 player in the UK online clothing market. They’ve got some incredible pieces that are sampled from celebrities as well as their own unique designs. Here are some of their fun hair accessories that are all on sale!

Helene Berman Fluorescent Big Bow Head Band Eugenia Kim Silk Bow Headband Johhny Loves Rosie Exclusive to Asos Lilac and Blue Heart Fascinator

Philip Treacy Neutral Blossom FascinatorPhilip Treacy Asymmetric Neutral Bow Headpiece

Here are some other bow accessories that I liked:

From Top Shop

From Urban Outfitters

From Modcloth


I recently found Etsy and fell in love with the site. I spent HOURS on it my first night and now regularly check to see what’s new in the world of handmade goods. It’s ridiculous what you can find there.

Recently I’ve been geeking out on fascinator. Ok fine, longer than just recently, more like since I started hanging out with Sharon Davis who is a burlesque star, business woman extraordinaire, website creator, photoshop wiz, lindy hopper, and a bonafide Aussie. Oh yeah, and a style icon. So she has some rad looking head gear and I wanted a piece of the action! After hours of perusing the world wide web, I found some mad-pretty things on Etsy.

VintageBox1947, otherwise known as Nina (but not that Nina), creates feather and flower fascinators. Her stuff is absolutely gorgeous!!! Here are some of my personal favorites:

black-feathered-swag cream-swag-fascinator hot-rod-fascinator FLAPPER GIRL HEADBAND WITH PEACOCK FEATHERS Teal Feather Fascinator with black and diamond glass stones Pure White two sided faux pearl head dress with Swarovski Crystals

Lots more stuff on her Etsy site so go take a look. They are very reasonably priced and they ship super quickly. I reccent received the beautiful fascinator and I absolutely love it! If you’ve ever thought about buying one, you should buy one from Nina. Great service, fast shipping, and a great gal to boot!! These badboys will run you between $20-$45.