Day 6 – Edgy French Braid Ponytail

Yes, yes, yes!! This is how you do a hair tutorial!

I’m going to wear my hair like this this week. I’ll post pictures when I do.

Oh yeah, in case you guys try these tutorials and take pictures, I’m happy to post them if you send them, OR I’m just happy to check our your hard work! Email them to johoffberg @ gmail . com if you’d like.

Quick List – Febru-hairy

Ladies, thanks so much for all the great comments and for trying these things with me!! Here’s a quick

Day 1 – Double Bun
Day 2 – Bandana
Day 3 – French Twist/Faux Hawk
Day 4 – Pinup Hairdo
Day 5 – Bangs

Day 6 – How to Curl your Hair & Pinup Curls
Day 7 – Hair Rat
Day 8 – Faux Bob
Day 9 – Victory Rolls
Day 10 – Hair and Makeup

Day 11 – French Braid Friday! Intro to French Braids
Day 12 – Inspired by Bernie
Day 13 – Snood
Day 14 – Pin Curls
Day 15 – Big Bun

Day 16 – Bob Revisited
Day 17 – Hot Rollers
Day 18 – Inside out French Braid
Day 19 – Faux Hawk
Day 20 – Victory Rolls

Day 21 – Side Roll
Day 22 – Retro hairstyle
Day 23 – French Twist
Day 24 – Twist n’ Braid
Day 25 – French Braid Friday – ridiculous and amazing

Day 26 – Snoody Victory
Day 27 – Long Hair and Quick Fixes
Day 28 – Make a Bow with your hair

Which were your favorites?

Hair Tutorial – Day 25 – Fabulous Friday

Ok, this one blows my mind. I’ve never thought to twist my hair while braiding it. I think I’ll need to try this on someone first so I can have some sense about the dexterity it takes, but I dig it! It’s edgier than how the girls would have worn their hair in the 1940s, but I still think it’s worthy of being up her for Febru-hairy!

Yeah for no words, a quick run down, and good camera angles! That is a great tutorial according to me!!


Hahah, here is how to do a 5 Braid. What’s so great about this is that it’s not done with hair, it’s done with dough! Now learn it!

And last, but not least, here is one that will also test your french braiding skills. I still can’t do this consistently, but I’m working on it! I often do the same thing she does with the end of her hair. Once you finish your braid (variation), then roll it up and pin the crap out of it to your head so it won’t go anywhere while you’re dancing!

What other variations have you come up with? Do you prefer to braid in pig tails or all of your hair? Over the top, or around the back?

Keep sending and posting pictures!!

Hair Tutorial – Day 18 – Inside Out French Braid

French Braid Friday has returned!!! Hopefully you saw last weeks tutorial on how to do a basic french braid which should prep you for this guy. If you have never french braided your hair before, you should be fine as long as you have some level of dexterity with your hands. I find that doing this inside out is a little bit harder than the regular one, but that might not be the case for you.

“In this hair tutorial I’ll show you how to do a very unique dutch braid / plait (also known as an inside out french braid). This look works great on all hair types (fine / thin / medium / thick , curly / wavy / straight hair, long and medium length)”.

Make sure to practice both right side up and inside out. If you’re having problems doing this behind your head, see if you can borrow a friend with medium/long hair and see if you can do it. Otherwise, just feel it out!

Send pictures!! I’d love to do a slideshow of people with their hairdos for next month!

Hair Tutorial – Day 11 – French Braid Friday!

Here’s what I’ll tell you about me and French Braids. When I was growing up, all the popular girls and soccer players knew how to french braid hair. I remember wanting to french braid my hair, but my friends and I never knew how. Fast forward to 2008; I remember seeing Sharon wear her hair in one and that finally gave me the push to learn how to do it. Thank goodness there was a magical machine called YouTube that provided me with answers so that I, too, could have french braided hair! FYI: what Americans know as a braid, the Aussies and Brits know as a plait. What Americans know as a French braid, the A/B know as a braid. Don’t get confused like I did!!

During a week off back in 2009, I found myself a tutorial on how to french braid and I made myself learn how to do it! It took 45 minutes the first time, or something close to that. My triceps were burning by the time I finished one side! Hahha, even now, one of the best ways for me to increase my body temperature is to french braid my hair. Works a treat!! So don’t get frustrated trying to learn this. It’s a piece of cake once you have it down, you just need to learn the pattern with your hands. Once you learn to braid crossing the hair over the top, then try the same pattern, but crossing the hair under. 😛

Ok, now to braiding!

French Braid and Bun. This I’ll use!

Once you already have that down, try this one that wraps around the side of your head. I do something similar to this to this with my hair, but I go more at an angle (see photos). I like how this lady explains what to do; it’s pretty clear and concise. If you know how to french braid before doing this video, I presume this will be easier.

So bored – learn a new skill

I have been sooooooooooo unbelievably bored these past 4 days because there is nobody else at the house. I’ve read the entire Twilight series, downloaded lots of videos on Photoshop, looked at clothing, and caught up on gossip and yet I still have time on my hands!! Gahhhhh!

So I’ve decided that there is only one thing I don’t know how to do (ok, this isn’t really the case; clearly there are lots of things I don’t know how to do…..but go with me) and will learn to do it. (In a booming voice) How to French Braid!

Yup, that’s right. How to french braid (or braid if you are from Australia or England). “But why Jo, why would you want to learn that?” you sarcastically ask me. Here’s why.

When I was growing up, all the popular girls wore their hair in french braids. They’d have a single FB or FBed pigtails or wear them upside down, or however, but they had them and I didn’t. I didn’t know how to do it myself and neither did any of my girlfriend, so at some point I decided t hat I wasn’t interested in wearing my hair that way because it seemed girly, and I didn’t feel that way (ah, what a degree in Psychology and Social Behavior does to you). Fast forward to last year. I see Sharon with a french braid that came from one side of her head, down and around the bottom, and back up to the other side and then flourish-flourish-flourish and even though I don’t have as much hair, I can still do the down and around the bottom.

My arms still get tired before I can complete my braid, but I am going to keep working on it. Keep an eye out for my awesome hair (foreshadowing)!!!!