Dirty Russians – the drink of Herrang

This summer Kevin and I spent a considerable amount of time, compared to every other year year, drinking at Herrang. Our drink of choice was what we so lovingly call the “Dirty Russian” which is a combination of vodka + hot sauce.

We first tasted this fiery deliciousness in while in Barcelona for ESDC. The description made us cringe for different reasons: Kevin doesn’t like to shoot vodka because it’s too strong and I’m not a fan of hot sauce because it’s too spicy. However, the combination of these two powerhouses is undeniably vaginal awesome.


Unfortunately we didn’t always have hot sauce on us when we were handing out vodka (like ya do *snap) so we had to ask around. Tim Collins was kind enough to let us use some of his habanero sauce and hotdiggitydamn that stuff is hot! And just so you know, after taking a shot with some habanero sauce, there was always some silt left at the bottom of the cup which naturally meant you had to take one more shot to clean the cup (and your sinuses).
ILHC, get ready to get dirty. 😀

Crazy Weather

The weather has been crazy out here on the East Coast for the past few weeks!

Last weekend Kevin and I headed out to the Big, Big Event in DC and the weather was lovely in PIT and then hot-as-balls out in DC. We stayed with Sommer & Dorry in Baltimore and commuted for the event, and it was nice in Baltimore, but Saturday night at the BBE, it was smoldering. Not only was it perhaps 90, but the humidity was at 70% or something ridiculous like that. Even before I made it out to the dance floor, I was sweating. It was that HOT. And that night when we drove back, thunder cracked through the sky. It was awesome. I totally understand why a god was assigned to being in charge of thunder bolts (they’re so cool).

So there was that weekend. Then we came back and it was muggy in the house. We don’t have A/C upstairs, but we do have fans the blow the hot air around. Good god, it was at least 10 degrees cooler downstairs than up. I was wishing that it would cool down upstairs, and low and behold I got my wish. My mother alerted me to the fact that there was a storm blowing across the States and it would surely pass by PIT and cool things off, and she was right! The storm blew and and then blew away, but brought some cooler air with it. And thank goodness for that; it was very warm in our Tuesday night classes.

Since then we’ve had some amazing thunder storms. I was downstairs the other day, and within one hour, the sky darkened, thunder roared, and lightning played in the clouds above. I went back downstairs to unplug my computer and when I looked outside, sheets of rain were coming down. As a favorite person of mine one said, “It was raining dogs and cats.” (Gotta love the foreigners). A cool breeze calmed the heat down and chilled the air upstairs, and finally it was bearable to be up there.

And just now, while I was writing, the Thunder Concert wailed away outside and rain came down in large, heavy droplets.

Weather is impressive and undeniably powerful.