Game plan: What to Wear

Packing is such an ordeal now that I am trying to match my clothes and look presentable on a regular basis. I am sure at some point it will get easier, but as of right now, I still have to try on clothes, put together outfits, and see what I can combine with what. Guh….more work than necessary, and I am slow because I get easily side tracked (like now….I am blogging instead of packing).

I am heading to Europe tomorrow and I’ll be visiting Cologne, Germany; Barcelona, Spain; Dublin, Ireland; and Gothenborg, Sweden. Luckily I’ve previously taught in all of these cities at all of these camps so I have general idea of what to expect. It’s going to be a good bit colder than it’s been the past few weeks and there are beaucoup performances I have to prepare for which translates to “beaucoup de luggage.” I decided I wanted to write out what I was bringing in hopes that it would detour me from over packing (I’ll keep you posted on that). So here’s what I think I am bringing, what days I think I will wear it, performance info, and weather:

jeans + blue silk shirt (+ long sleeve shirt) + belt
knee socks + boots

high waisted jeans + BCBG shirt (+ long sleeve shirt)
Tuxedo jacket

gray dress + 2 pairs tights
knee socks + boots

leggings + white sweater + tank top
(OR blue shirt with jewels + long sleeve shirt)
knee socks + boots
night: gray skirt + white top
tights + scarf
black shoes

jeans + blue/white striped shirt + tank top
Tuxedo jacket
night: red twirly dress (+ long sleeve shirt)
VS tights + white shoes

brown skirt + red/purple/long sleeve white shirt
scarf + belt
black shoes
night: dress (white check & black) + scarf + tights

blue dress + black shirts
footless tights + black shoes
night: purple dress + tights

additional items:
work out pants + 4 shirts + running shoes
pjs + shirt + flip flops

Stratosphere: dress, knickers, hat, goggles, boots
Puttin’ on the Ritz: red lingerie
Group number: black & red dress / gold skirt

Barcelona:    weather: 45-61 degrees
Fan Dance

Dublin:        weather: 39-53 degrees
Intro #
Fan Dance/PotR

Gothenborg:       weather: 36-50 degrees
Fan Dance

EEEEEk!! lots of stuff.

More to come!

Does anyone else do this or is it just me? Hahha, it might be.

Traveling – rant

One of the many exciting things about traveling so often is that so many things can happen before you arrive to your destination.

Last week I came back from Quebec and it took me twelve hours to get home. I had looked at my ticket, but hadn’t quite focused on my return flight. Had I, I probably would have taken a 7:00 flight vs a 10:00 am flight and would have had a shorter layover subsequently. Gar!!!!!

Currently I am in Europe and I have already had quite the travel experience. I flew into Paris and then took 2 trains to get to Grenoble. To get to the Lyon St Exupery airport, I had to take a tram to a bus and from there, I am scheduled for two more flights before I arrive to my next destination.

For this tour, I arranged it I’d so I wouldn’t have to purchase my own flights. Unfortunately by doing that, I lost some control on how and when I travel. Normally I book direct flight for myself unless they are $150 or more than something with a layover because frankly my time is with something. I did, however, forget to specify that I’d like to check ALL the details of the travel plans and approve them before they are bought. So really it’s my fault that I have a travel schedule that I am not pleased with. Arg!!!!!!!

Ok, that was my rant for the day. I might need to do it again when I switch cities.