Day 20 – Color Bug

This is a tad different than a normally do, but no less fantastic!! I found this entry off of Hair Romance blog (which you should absolutely go and check out) and I thought you should see the review. I’ve seen this at the salon I go to in Pittsburgh and have been meaning to try it. Have you?

Kevin Murphy Color Bug in Pink

Ombre hair is the trend that won’t quit.

First it was natural balayage colour that became a stronger blonde/brunette ombre trend. Then pastel hair was a runway feature at NYFW and now coloured ombre hair has become a mainstream trend since Lauren Conrad dyed her tips.

Kevin Murphy was ahead of the game when he tinted the beautiful Abbey Lee for this Vogue shoot last year and now he has commercially released his hair pigments. Color Bug is like shadow for your hair, allowing you to get in on the ombre hair trend but without regret.

Color Bug is available in pink, purple and orange and Kevin Murphy shows you how easy it is to use in this video here.

Color Bug application – Tip: wear gloves or wash your hands quickly!

I was so keen to try it I didn’t style my hair for this shoot. My hair is a bit dirty and I found this made it easier to apply the product. If your hair is squeaky clean, I would spray some dry shampoo or texture spray onto your hair first to help the colour stick.

Ombre hair for one night only!

You can apply it quite lightly for a washed out colour or keep adding more for a vibrant pink. Gently rub the colour through the ends of your hair for an even finish. I thought it would be harder to apply but it took to my hair really easily. It’s quite opaque so I think it would work in dark hair as easily as it does in Kevin’s how-to video.

I found the packaging a little awkward to hold and easy to drop. It’s pretty sturdy but it finally broke the third time it hit the bathroom floor. It was a pink explosion. Enough stayed in the container though for me to keep using it.

Color Bug does exactly what it says on the box. It’s a bit messy but loads of fun and a great way to dip your hair into the ombre trend without a big spend or damage to your hair. Ombre hair for one night only, no regrets.

Pink ombre hair

Application tips:


  • Second day hair is good for this product. Otherwise try a dry shampoo or texture spray on the ends of your hair.
  • Cover your clothes – wear something old or put a towel over your shoulders.
  • Hold the container carefully. It’s a bit awkward to hold and easy to drop.
  • Layer the product on your hair for a more vibrant colour.
  • Wear gloves, or wash your hands as soon as you finish.
  • Add a little hairspray at the end to help set the colour.
  • Don’t wear white! The colour will come off on your clothes but should wash out.

Find out where to buy Kevin Murphy’s Color Bug here!!

QLL – bleeding hair color

Guys, I am going to guess that this won’t mean too much to you unless you’ve had a girlfriend that dyes her hair funky colors…..

Two days ago I got my color touched up – the red on the bottom and the blond on top – and have been dealing with it ever since. I had the red lightened so it wasn’t so maroon and had bright red dye added on top. If you’ve ever dyed your hair red, or spilled red wine on something light for that matter, you’ll know that red is a very difficult color to get out (it’s due to the shape of the molecule, btw). Well, two days after having my hair done, the red is still coming out of my hair and onto my shirt collars and fingers…..anything my hair touches it stains. Oh yeah, and that includes the blond. I have been rubbing the red sections of my hair with paper towel for about 2 days with no end to the bleeding in sight. My fingernails have a red tinge to them and my blond hair is a wee bit pink. Oy!!!

Well, I talked to my color lady and she told me to use dish detergent on the red to stop it from being greasy (after 4 washes it’s still greasy and a tad cruchy. Ewww is right) and lots of conditioner to seal it. Then I need to heat up some olive oil and put that on the blond, which should help suck out some of the rosy stain, and then condition that separately. I am trying it tomorrow morning and will let you know how it turns out.

I’ll see you guys at Lindy Focus, hopefully with hair color that stays put!