Hair Tutorial – Day 24 – Twist n Braid

Two tutorials on twisting the hair! Based on my own experience (and common sense), this gets easier with practice. The first time I did this I nailed it, and most other times I’ve tried twisting my hair I get to the end and then hairs magically loosen themselves. Arg.

I really, really like how quick a precise this hair tutorial is.

Here’s a similar tutorial that requires 3 hands. Heheh, not really, but it’d be helpful, that’s for sure. Just look how quickly the older girl whips through this style.

I don’t typically style my hair when it’s wet, but I can see why it’d be worth doing so when trying this hairstyle.

Here’s a picture of me trying this out. Took me 2 minutes to get up the first time and 10 the second time. Blimey!

Click on photo for a larger view.

Hair Tutorial – Day 21 – Side Roll

I think medium length hair would be ideal for this, but it sounds like long hair would also work. The only problem I foresee with long hair is that you have so much more to deal with!

Curl, pin, and spray! Have at it ladies.

If you do this hair style, let me know if you danced in it or not. I’m going to try this out for class, but who knows if it will actually stay in. Maybe more bobby pins will be in order. Hahah, and maybe I can bum hairspray off of someone.

Hair Tutorial – Day 18 – Inside Out French Braid

French Braid Friday has returned!!! Hopefully you saw last weeks tutorial on how to do a basic french braid which should prep you for this guy. If you have never french braided your hair before, you should be fine as long as you have some level of dexterity with your hands. I find that doing this inside out is a little bit harder than the regular one, but that might not be the case for you.

“In this hair tutorial I’ll show you how to do a very unique dutch braid / plait (also known as an inside out french braid). This look works great on all hair types (fine / thin / medium / thick , curly / wavy / straight hair, long and medium length)”.

Make sure to practice both right side up and inside out. If you’re having problems doing this behind your head, see if you can borrow a friend with medium/long hair and see if you can do it. Otherwise, just feel it out!

Send pictures!! I’d love to do a slideshow of people with their hairdos for next month!

Hair Tutorial – Day 17 – Hot Rollers

After watching as many hair tutorials as I have for this month, I realize how freaking important it is to have some body in your hair when you start. Reflecting on doing my hair over the last few years, my hair styles have stayed in longer and looked nicer when I started with curly hair. Arg!!! But that’s so much more time consuming! Ah, the price of beauty….

Ok, so how should I curl my hair? Well, there are a few different ways, but here’s how to use hot rollers!

OR this guy!

Gah, I’m sorry I keep finding videos with such chitta-chattah! Fast-forward to 2:12 to start the hair tutorial part. Dulce Candy87 is cute and bubbly in one of those 16 yo sorts of ways…..if you can get past the rhythm of her sentences and her roller coaster intonation, there’s a few good points to take away. Ahhh, Valley Girls…. *shake head

As you can see, it’s not particularly difficult, but there is a little skill involved. Pay attention to the direction you roll your hair and at what angle. Those details do make a difference in what your curls look like.

Now me in hot rollers!

Surely I can’t be the only one who has pictures of themselves looking silly in rollers?! Give ’em up ladies and send me some pictures to post or link me to them1

Hair Tutorial – Day 15 – Big Bun

I love this girl! I’ve been watching her videos for a bit, and this is definitely an easier one, but still great to keep in mind. That being said, this is more of a long hair style. I bet you could do something similar with medium length hair, it just might not be as easy.

Enjoy the Japanese!!!!

I love wearing a bun. As a kid, I used to associate “buns” with ballerinas and since I was a tomboy, I wanted nothing to do with the ballet girls. I wanted to play Handball and Four Square (yup, it was a game before it was an app), and girls with buns didn’t do that sort of thing.
Fast forward to my college years, I decided ballet was amazing and I wore a bun for class, but not in the lindy world. Fast forward a few more years… I remember seeing Frida wear her hair in a bun and that changed things for me. Yes, even I could spruce up my everyday pony tail and turn it into a bun! Hahha, so simple. Currently my hair is about bra length and layered, which makes keeping the ends in a little tough to do, but I can still make it happen.

Hair Tutorial – Day 10 – Hair and Makeup

This girl is cute-as-a-button! I presume the voice on the video is hers, but for me, it doesn’t connect to her face. I like that this video has a makeup tutorial attached to it, the hair portion uses a bandanna, and the whole thing is relatively quick.

Did you see when her boyfriend came in to give her a kiss? How cute!!!

I think this is a keeper for me. How about you? Easy enough?

Hair Tutorial – Day Six – How to Curl Your Hair

Normally I don’t have enough time on my hands to curl all of my hair, but on the few occasion that I have, I’ve adored the product! When the Killer Dillers did their photoshoot after Frankie 95, I had my hair properly curled and I’ll tell ya….it’s the way to go! If you have a curling iron and some clips, you’re good to go!

Pretty fabulous, huh?

For some reason you have a photo shoot coming up….I’d totally consider doing this. 😀

And here is one if you have really short hair:

Hair Tutorial – Day Two – Bandanna

What a surprise, my hair is kinda greasy. I should probably cover that up. But however shall I do that? I know – with a bandanna!!

This girl is totally darling and actually moves through this at a reasonable pace. Don’t let the fact that the video is in Spanish inhibit you. She is super clear on her instructions. 😀

If for some reason you feel like “No!! I have to hear the words describing what I’m supposed to do!!!!” Then you can check this out:

I’d fast forward to about 2:06 if you’re going to watch this. She’s putting her hair in a ponytail, forward bun thing if you get to there.