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  1. Disco!

    April 27, 2012 by Jo

    Disco party this weekend at Swinglandia!!!

    Here are the sources of my inspiration for this weekend:

    And let’s not forget one of the hallmark dance scenes from the 1970s!

    Now, let’s boogie!


  2. Solo Blues – Julie Brown

    March 6, 2012 by Jo

    As you can see, I’m slightly behind on my posting……but have no fear, I’ll be back on the lindywagon shortly.

    Until then, enjoy this gorgeous performance from the stunning Julie Brown:

    What solo blues clips inspire you?

  3. Day 2 – Front Swirl

    February 2, 2012 by Jo

    I chose this video for two reasons:

    1. her hair is redder than mine
    2. her front swirl is larger than I’ve ever had mine

    I think it’s safe to say I’m red with envy!

    Yes, it’s a long video and I’d say you could safely fast forward through it about 30 seconds at a time until you found what you were looking for. You also can stop watching at the 9 minute mark, and/or jump back in around 12:40 to watch her put an enormous bow in her hair.

    Quick run down: section hair off by making a square on the top of your head (for your enormous swirl), put hair in pony tail, and then curl everything. Jump to 3:15.

    In general, her motto is: curl it, hairspray it, tease it, hairspray it, pin it, and hair spray it again!

    It’s sooooo beeg! (yes, I purposely spelled it that way)

  4. German Vogue’s 2011 Swarovski Zodiac Calendar

    December 22, 2011 by Jo

    Oh my my, I quite fancy June, July, November, and December! What catches your eye?


    January – Capricorn

    Mini dress by Sonia Rykiel and overknees by Kaviar Gauche.

    Swarovski: Fashion Bracelets & Mushroom Ring

    February: Aquarius

    Short Couture dress by Blessed & Cursed,
    jewelry by Philippe Ferrandis made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

    March: Pisces

    Bikini-Top by Jolidon, jewelry on head by Rodrigo Otazu,

    necklace by Philippe Ferrandis and hairband on neck by Kilian Kerner made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

    April: Aries

    Jewelry by Dyrberg/Kern and evening dress by Talbot Runhof made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

    May: Taurus

    High Heels and “Dragon Overall” by Michael Michalsky made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
    Rainbow True Ring” by SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™

    June: Gemini

    “Robot Dress” by Kaviar Gauche w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS,
    Necklace: Miko Jewelry “Metal Casquette 1920ies” by Helmut Newton (Swarovski Corporate Archive)

    July: Cancer

    Crown by Alberto Rodriguez and silk dress by Charlotte Sparre w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

    Swarovski: Silver Screen Oval Bangle & Rainbow True Ring

    August: Leo

    Dress by Blumarine and pumps by Luis Onofre w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.
    Bracelet by Rodrigo Otazu and necklaces by Dryberg/Kern w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

    September: Virgo

    “Armour Dress” & panties by Kilian Kerner, bangle by Rodrigo Otazu w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

    Swarovski: ORQUIDEA Opulent Bracelet & MUSHROOM Ring

    October: Libra

    October: Dress by Blumarine and high heels by Michael Michalsky made w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
    Necklace by Rodrigo Otazu for SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS & Jewelry by SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™

    November: Scorpio

    Dress by Givenchy for “22 Ways to Say Black” bracelet by Rodrigo Otazu w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
    Swarovski Elements: Klimt Ring & Rainbow True Ring

    December: Sagittarius

    Head Piece by Erickson Beamon for SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
    “Pixie Dress” by Kilian Kerner made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

  5. German Vogue’s 2012 Swarovski Zodiac Calendar

    December 18, 2011 by Jo

    Ridiculously inspiring and amazing! If there are any benefactors out there, I think I could rock March, May, July, and September. Hahaha, well….I’ll certainly try :D

    Stretch bracelets available at

    January – Capricorn

    February: Aquarius

    All jewelry available at

    March: Pisces

    Ring by Philippe Ferrandis, available at

    April: Aries

    May: Taurus

    June: Gemini

    July: Cancer

    Necklace, bracelet (left and right) and star-shaped ring by Rodrigo Otazu, available at

    August: Leo

    September: Virgo

    October: Libra

    Ring – Crystal Evolution by R. Bella, available at

    November: Scorpio

    Ring – Crystal Evolution by R. Bella, available at

    images via Swarovski and StyleAmor

    December – Sagittarius

  6. The Bernie

    September 9, 2011 by Jo

    I just learned about The Bernie last night and it has changed how I look at the world of dance. Kevin and I referenced The Bernie in class tonight and in case any of you from class read this, here is the video that makes me throw my head back and wiggle my body with wild disregard! I’ve also found a great break down on how to do the move…..keep scrolling down!!


    According to Mahalo, here is the everything-you-want-to-know about this new dance craze!

    “This dance was inspired by the “Weekend at Bernie’s” movie series. In the films, the dead character miraculously came alive whenever music played.

    Part 1: Forward Walk

    Start with a two step, demonstrated in the
    Find the Beat lesson. Another option is stepping out to your right with the right foot, then doing very small alternating steps forward, leading with the hip each time. This option works better with the Bernie.

    Part 2: Lean

    Lean back. When you do this, you should feel the stretch in your lower back and abdomen. Move your shoulders backward and forward, one at a time, alternating sides. During this, your arms should be loose at your sides.

    Now, do parts one and two at the same time. Do a right, left, right, left.

    Part 3: Head

    Lean your head back as though you have a nosebleed.

    After you’ve practiced these three parts, do them all simultaneously for the Bernie.

    Variation and Combination

    For a variation on the Bernie, try leaning forward instead of back, face down, bending at the waist.

    After practicing this, try this combination of the basic and the variation: right, left, right, left, variation right,
    variation left, variation right, variation left.”

    What a stellar teaching video!

    So how ’bout it Lindy Hoppers…where can you add this into your social dancing?

  7. Highlights from ILHC

    August 30, 2011 by Jo

    1) Watching the Junior Division!! They were amazing. Videos coming soon!!

    2) Showcase Division:

    I am kicking myself for not seeing this live (I missed it by 25 seconds). This must have been unreal!! Sitting in the kitchen watching this was still an emotional experience, so I can only imagine what it must have been like being in the ballroom during this momentous occasion. While watching the video, I was screaming and hooting and hollering for them!! I actually shed some tears in honor of their awesomeness. Fuck, this totally touches my heart.

    SOOOOO many people have talked about doing something like this, yet they actually put it together and threw down! Uh, the blue balls experience of them doing Balboa instead of swinging out left me wanting more. Thank goodness they finally provided the much needed release by teaming up and swinging out!!

    3) Cabaret:

    Dargoff showing us the importance of good hygiene. And lemme tell ya, sex sells!

    Tips & Tops and their newest routine:

    Nothing quite like Man-on-Man + hat-on-hat dancing if you ask me! Well done Gentlemen, you were wonderful.


    The ending is my favorite part. I LOVE Footloose!

    4) Classic Division:

    In my eyes, Tommy & Alice won this competition. Their choreography is stunning, easy to understand yet still complex, exceptionally well danced, beautifully performed, and they both make the other person shine. To me, this is one an example of one of the best partnerships out there today. You two are such an inspiration!

    For more on the Classic Division, click here!

    5) Nathan Bugh in the Solo Charleston spotlights. Genius I tell ya!!!

    6) Champion J&J:

    This one knocked it out of the park for me! I’m always super impressed with how Peter is able to dance with the ladies of any size and still retain the integrity of his movement. Uh! Check out his kick ups at 0:37, his spin at 1:09, and how they play off each other at 1:25! And Alice is just amazing! Favorite moments by her: swing out variation at 0:22, her swivels forward at 0:57, and her shapes on her Rocks at 1:43!

    Otherwise, the dance between Andy Reid and Mia Goldsmith just flowed. It was magical. Honestly, I couldn’t remember anything they did after the dance was over other than being swept away by how well they connected to each other and the song. Oh yeah, and the dance with Todd and Frida was ok (I’m being sarcastic)…….it was fabulously hilarious!!!

    7) Pro-Am

    This cat has been dancing lindy hop for a year and a half (or something close to that). How ridiculous is he?!!! Uh yeah……wow is right!

    Isn’t she fabulous?! Sasha Gross was in the Junior’s Program and she killed it!

    8) On a personal level:

    Getting 2nd place in the fiercest Classic Division I’ve seen in the Lindy Hop world. I was told the difference in score between Kevin & me and Skye & Frida was only one judge which means there was someone who thought that was a first place routine! Looking forward to seeing the score sheets!

    Taking 2nd place in the Solo Charleston contest! Normally I try to prepare by creating routinelettes so I have something to fall back on in case I go blank in a contest, but this year I just didn’t have time to get any together. I spent some time working on my lines using the Big Apple choreography, but otherwise, that was just me dancing (*chin up…..very proud of myself). Would love to see the scores on this one as well!

    Having a blast in the Champion Strictly!! We had to battle our way out of prelims and since Kevin and I haven’t gotten to train the way we’d like (he’s been injured), we decided to fall back on the ol’ personality thing. Thank goodness we had Baltimore’s support!! I don’t remember much about the prelims other than doing swing outs across the entire crowd (crowd pumping anyone?) AND having our seamless room take-over thwarted by the ever-so-gorgeous Pontus and Isa. Luckily we didn’t completely run into them…..our awesomeness was just slowed down.

    Fortunately, Kevin and I made it to finals which gave us the opportunity to crowd surf the Baltimore contingency!!!! The second half our our second solo starts with The Move of the Weekend, The Chase, and ended with us hurling ourselves on top of the crowd!!! Glory in it’s finest red & blue outfit if I do say so myself!!

    9) MOVE OF THE WEEKEND: The Chase

    You know the old adage “pink is the new black”? Well, “the chase is the new swing out” according to this weekend. SERIOUSLY, it was a college kids drinking game dream!! I need to watch through 2 more divisions, but I’m confident in saying that there was at least one chase break in EVERY division. I’m even guilty of it myself. I’ll compile a list of people who are guilty of such things and hopefully someone will put a video together of all the Chases from the weekend. *wink wink, nudge nudge lindy scene

    10) Last but not least, just being there was a highlight. Getting to see so many friends, having someone buy me cupcakes (thanks Michelle), having some incredible dances, teaching with two of my favorite people, being asked to work with the future of our Lindy Hop community and having a blast doing so, competing against the best lindy hoppers in the world, being cheered on by the community I love, dancing to extraordinary live music, and seeing the fruits of everyone’s labor were a few of the many reasons this weekend was sensational.

    Thank you to Tena, Nina, and Sylvia for running this event AND to all of their staff; without you the event wouldn’t happen. I’d also like to give a shout out to all the competitors that came to compete this weekend; you are helping lindy hop continually grow and your contribution is duly noted. A huge thank you to all of the people that filmed the event and put video online for the world to see! Finally, an enormous thank you to everyone in the audience; thank you for coming to support and cheering for everyone as they put their heart and soul on the floor. Baltimore especially, I love you. xxoo

  8. Herrang Wk5 – Costumes

    July 30, 2011 by Jo

    s 2001_a_space_odyssey_hello_dave
    Friday, 5th August 2011

    A Moon Odyssey

    How high the moon? Come and feel the weightlessness of universe and see how Mother Earth is looking at you from a far distance. Astronauts and aliens, galaxies and stars. Mysterious creatures from planets you never knew of. One spaceship is landing and another one is taking off. Get your oxygen mask and get ready for space. And if you listen carefully you might already now hear the barking from a lonely dog named Lajka.

    This one was a lot harder for me to find photos that were inspiring, but here’s my best shot. What are your ideas?

    I’m afraid I might throw in the towel on this one, but I’ll try to pull something together. Maybe something with tin foil…. any suggestions?

  9. Umbrella Inspiration

    July 25, 2011 by Jo

    Here are some videos that I’m taking inspiration from for this week. What do you think we are up to out here in Herrang for Week 4?

    No need to watch this one with sound, but the girls are awfully cute!

    A few of us are putting together choreography for a jellyfish/umbrella number. Can’t wait to see how the choreography turns out!

  10. Herrang Wk4 – Costumes

    July 23, 2011 by Jo


    Week 4

    Friday, 29th July 2011

    20 000 Leagues Under the Sea

    The great big blue is welcoming you into a world of colourful fishes, seaweed and old shipwrecks. Green, blue, yellow and purple! A well hidden coffin with golden coins is a red mark on the treasure map. Captain Nemo and his crew are heading to sea in the big submarine Nautilus. Mermaids, cods and sharks, come and help battling against the terrifying school of giant squids. And who knows you might be the lucky one, when the night comes the treasure might be yours!

    Photo Inspiration


    Pretty straight forward, Gentlemen. Navy pants are clearly a must and it looks like a white turtle neck will get you pretty far this week! If you plan on getting dirty and don’t want to sully your top, a blue turtle neck with red piping and a matching cap will suffice. *smirk

    Nothing says Nautical quite like a red & white striped shirt and navy pants. Am I right?!

    I’ve already mentioned a white turtleneck, but extra points will be awarded to those wearing a ribbed one! And let’s not forget the beard. Seriously, Gentlemen, you either need to bring your chin (see image above) or grow a beard that says I Mean Business. Can’t wait to see what you guys draw on your face *smile*

    Smoking jacket and organ anyone?

    If everything else seems a bit trite, you can just bring your enormous octopus and your hull. Just sayin’….