Hair Tutorial – Day 28

It’s the last day for hair tutorial month and I’ve learned so much. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep myself from being so dull with my hair (even though I think hiding under a beret is nice….and a basic ponytail is rather can be rather pretty)!

A few things I’ve learned about hair tutorials:

1) They don’t look very difficult to film. Perhaps I should do one?!
2) People have some UGLY backdrops!
3) There is lots of talky-talky and some of us just want an expedited version. Sigh….just like in dance classes….there are the talkers and there are the make-the-students-dance-ers.
4) People can make funny faces while using hairspray. This makes me slightly insecure about what silly facial expressions I must have that I don’t know about and that my friends are too kind to tell me about. 🙂
5) The definition of long, medium, and short hair is very flexible. Apparently, what I consider medium length hair is what some people consider to be short.
6) I’ll never have hair the right length. It’s either too short or too long for everything! Hahha, perhaps you feel the same way.
7) I keep finding bobby pins in the oddest places!

Alright. Time for our last video. This kinda (eeek….sorta *squint) relates to fashion in the lindy hop scene. We wear bows in our hair, but what if we were to make our hair into a bow!!! I know you’ve always been wondering how to do this, so here’s the tutorial for you!!

In case you don’t have that much hair, fret not, here’s a video with “little hair”. OMGoodness, the Japanese are so cute!!

Here’s two more for good measures. This chick has shorter hair (as opposed to “little hair”) and can still make this happen. No excuses! Fast forward to 3:50 start 🙂

Different technique. I’ll probably use the second one (starts at 4:10) on my hair.

Ladies, I want to see some Gaga Bows at the next few events. I’ll be Stateside in starting tomorrow and will see some of you at Heartland Swing Festival, then at Southwest Lindyfest, and then at Guys & Girls Gone Wild!! I want to see something from this past month at one of those three events. Come show me so we can take pictures together….it’d be very Japanese for us to do that. Peace-su!!

Oh yeah, and if you don’t know about those events, scroll to the top of the page, click on my calendar, scroll down to the appropriate month, and click on the links! Cheers!!

It’s be a Febru-hairy of a month!!!!

Hair Tutorial – Day 15 – Big Bun

I love this girl! I’ve been watching her videos for a bit, and this is definitely an easier one, but still great to keep in mind. That being said, this is more of a long hair style. I bet you could do something similar with medium length hair, it just might not be as easy.

Enjoy the Japanese!!!!

I love wearing a bun. As a kid, I used to associate “buns” with ballerinas and since I was a tomboy, I wanted nothing to do with the ballet girls. I wanted to play Handball and Four Square (yup, it was a game before it was an app), and girls with buns didn’t do that sort of thing.
Fast forward to my college years, I decided ballet was amazing and I wore a bun for class, but not in the lindy world. Fast forward a few more years… I remember seeing Frida wear her hair in a bun and that changed things for me. Yes, even I could spruce up my everyday pony tail and turn it into a bun! Hahha, so simple. Currently my hair is about bra length and layered, which makes keeping the ends in a little tough to do, but I can still make it happen.

Embarrassing Moment

Tonight my family and I went out to one of the all-time great sushi restaurants called Umi Sake House in Belltown and we embarrassed ourselves.

We were seated immediately and within 3 minutes of being there, we had our hot tea and our miso soup. The service was incredible. We ordered Yuki Kage (sake), Legends of the Roll (OMG, amazing – sweet and crunchy), Thunderball, Tarantula Extreme (which had jalapeño peppers and spicy mayonnaise), and a plate of sashimi. About 5 minutes after we ordered the three rolls came out. Not five minutes later did Lawrence, our server, come to deliver the plate of sashimi and all but 4 pieces of the three rolls were left standing. We had destroyed them. After Lawrence said that we had dominated the sushi, I told him that I was embarrassed by how quickly we all ate.

About 10 minutes later he came back to check on us and luckily we still had some sashimi left. I told him “I am sure you are going to talk to your co-workers about how this family came in and within five minutes of getting 3 plates of food, all of it was gone! But….try not to make it sound like it was, ok?” He laughed and confirmed that he was indeed going to tell his co-workers.

To top off being such piggies, we ordered dessert. Not one, but two. We had a mochi taster (4 different kinds of mochi – they are the size of a silver dollar) and deep fried ice cream. However, this time, we managed not to throw the food down our throats and we savored the flavors. We ate slowly. We ate delicately. We enjoyed the moment. It was very satisfying.

How embarrassing. I bet that guy had never had a table eat so quickly. If tables turned around like that, there’d never be a wait at dinner time.