How Long Has it Been? Pt. 2

So how long had it been? I took those pictures on Superbowl Sunday and it had been 4 weeks and 1 day since I washed it last. Yup, you read that right, just a little over a month!

“So Jo. Why would you share something like this with us?” you might be asking.

Two reasons. The first, because I read an article on Beauty Brains called Can you train your hair to be less oily? and secondly, because enough people have asked me about my hair that I feel like I should come clean about my secret. 🙂

So here is the story behind it.

During the summer of 2006, I dyed my hair a reddish-brown and every time I washed it, I literally saw my money going down the drain. I decided that if I didn’t wash my hair, I wouldn’t lose my color (brilliant, right?). So I stopped washing it. On top of it not only being a hot summer, I was taking dance classes, meaning I was sweating more than the average bum. Needless to say I was a greasy mess, but I put up with it so I could save my hair color. After slowly pushing the time in between washes, I am now able to go a month without washing my hair.

I know that sounds gross, but here’s the thing. My hair looks less greasy than yours does after 4 days. I don’t mean that to come off as being mean, it’s just that you can’t tell that it had been a month when you look at me. Bonus: my hair is softer than it’s ever been.Un-bonus: that’s actually a problem (what girl complains about that?) when it comes to styling my hair. I don’t typically use product, so I rely on my natural pomade to keep my coiffure up and my victory rolls tight.

So yeah, you can “train” your hair to be less greasy. I did and you can too. Think about it.

Tips if you want them:

  • It takes time to train your hair. If you normally wash your hair every 3 days, push it to 4. Then push it to 5. Then push it to 6. Then push it to 7. Keep pushing!
    Accept the fact that your hair will be greasy. But hey, guess what? It’s just hair. You can still function as a member of society if you haven’t washed your hair.
    Figure out how to wear your hair so it’s less gnarly. Start wearing it up. Find a big headband. Use a scarf. Get inventive.
    Remember, people aren’t really looking at you that closely. You might have some shine, but people won’t think less of you as a person, and if they do, clip ’em! Don’t worry about them, focus on the goal.
    It takes a while, but hang in there, it gets better.


How Long Has It Been?

Some of you know, and now the rest of you will. I don’t wash my hair often. Just for shit’s and giggles, here are some pictures of me taken today (Superbowl Sunday).


from the right close-left

Question & Answer time!! How long has it been since I washed my hair? How long does it look like it’s been since I’ve washed my hair? When your hair looks like this, how many days has it been for you?

Chime in. I’ll post the answer in a few days.

ILHC 2009 – Invitational J&J

I love doing the Invitational Jack & Jills because often times it can be some of the few moments I have to dance with the other instructors at an event. This year at ILHC Peter Strom drew my name and the song. Here is our dance:

The first time I got Peter in a J&J will were at Swingin’ New England in 2007 and we took first. I still haven’t seen that dance, but apparently it was good enough to win. The last time I got him was at Boston Tea party and it was just silly. 😀  The awesome thing about dancing with Peter: no matter how much I sit into something, I know I’ll never knock him over. Heads up – sometimes he does “cooter tosses”…..gotta be prepared ladies!

What is often amusing about these competitions is that [old] partners can get each other. For example, Jeremy & Laura, Max & Alice, Nick & Carla, and Todd & Naomi.


1st place: Nick Williams & Carla Heiney
2nd place: Mikey Pedroza & Frida Segerdahl
3rd place: Max Pitruzezlla & Alice Mei