Inspiration Weekend – Class Follow Up

Hey Students from Inspiration Weekend,

Kevin and I had a freaking fantastic time at Inspiration Weekend 2012! Thanks for participating in the workshop and being an awesome group of students. I’ve had a number of people as me about the class material that we weren’t able to get to, so I wanted to follow up with you and direct you to one of the many places you can go for more information. 😀

Whether you’re a beginner or advance dancer, there is a charleston transition for you:

This lesson, part 6 of 6 on the Advanced Charleston Transitions lesson pack, teaches a fast paced and stylish routine that works you through each of the transitions in this pack. Breakdown includes everything you need to know to tie these movements together plus some bonus tips for understanding how to interpret footwork!

For Spinning and Turning:

An in depth explanation of technique and corresponding drills for improving your spinning control and increasing your number of rotations. Footwork, torso torque, arm use and spotting are all addressed.

If you want even more information, here’s another pack you can check out!

A few more blast:

Beginners, here are a set of Intro to Lindy Hop clips that might appeal to you.

Ladies from the Intermediate Track, some of you asked about swivels – check them out here!

If dance clips aren’t your sort of thing, but DVDs are (shameless plug), you’re in luck! Kevin and I have 7 new DVDs coming out in the next two weeks that just so happen to cover some of these topics! More on that to come.

Again, than you to all the students, dancers, and organizers that help support the scene and keep the inspiration flowing!

Quick Life Lessons

We all have them. Some of them are quick and painless, and some of them are rather laborious. I figure I am going to start a new series of posts called QLL and update you on my weekly “learning experiences.”

Here are some quick one’s from my past week in Argentina:

– When at dance practice, don’t leave open cups around. Even if you feel they are out of the way, and everyone knows about them, DONT assume that. Terrible idea.

– In a similar vein, be specific about what you mean. If you are trying to warn someone about, let’s say, there being an open container somewhere, don’t just say “hey, watch out. there are cups up here.” Specify and say “there is liquid in these cups. please be careful. please move your hands. please do not knock over these full cups of liquid.”

– Having extra water at dance rehearsal is never a bad thing.

– When walking in 4inch heels on uneven pavement, it pays to watch where your feet are going.

– It’s cool to be over dressed if you have the balls to carry it off.

– Wearing a mustache is awesome. (That’s from a few weeks ago in NY)