Top Moments from 2013

A quick review of how EPIC 2013 was for me. In chronological order, I present to you:

1. Attending my first Viennese Ball at the Philharmonic in Vienna, Austria.


I wore a vintage 1930s gown, my Remix shoes, and a feather fascinator from Etsy. What a gorgeous facility! Kevin and I waltzed a few times and stayed awake until the wee hours of the morning. De.lightful!!

2. The best birthday party EVER!!

birthday 2013
The theme: Thrift Store. Instead of getting presents, I asked everyone to bring $29, come down to the thrift store with me and the gang, and buy clothes for someone else. After that, it was fashion show time. And beer. 😀

3. My younger brother got married


4. Dancing on the Great Wall of China

Great Wall


5. Outrageously good time at The Mooche in Cork, Ireland. Thanks Daragh!!

The Mooche

Kevin and I stayed in a fabulous B&B, ate a proper “British Breakfast”, hung out with some fabulous misfits, taught some super fun classes, and hung out with One Horse Pony – some fabulous local musicians.

6. Choreographing for Swing X with Dax Hock & Sarah Breck.

Traveling in Style

Traveling in Style


“You see Dax, I want you to feeeeel like you’re in love. Take her like ‘dis…hold her like ‘dis…..”

Swing x

Talking through the next set of shots

Not only did Kevin and I get to choreograph and advise on our first full-length film, but we also got to visit Middle America. Whoa.

7. Attending the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island and getting into the Fashion section of the NY Times

Jazz party


I’ll see if I can find a bigger picture of it, but I’m on the far left, second row up from the bottom. Kevin and I also took 1st & 2nd place in the Charleston Contest.

8. Taking Second Place with Mikey Pedroza at ILHC in the Slow Division.

ilhc slow


9. Being inducted to the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame – as a Rising Star and as a Couple (thanks Kev!!)

Photo by Steve Hwan

Photo by Steve Hwan

Rising Star – The Rising Star is a Champion that has been around from ten to twenty years. It strives to make its place in the Swing Dance Heavens through its ongoing participation within the Milky Way of Competition.

Couples – Couples stands out with special brilliance among other swing partnerships.

10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – samba, Copacabana, Ipanema, and amazing people

F - brazil 2


11. Dancing my ass off at Lindy Shock in Budapest, Hungary.

lindy shock

Countless nights I was up until 5am dancing. Mostly I’d go home because I had work in the morning and my feet were on fire. Some of my most memorable dances from the weekend were with Dax Hock. Thanks man!

12. Performing the Jungle Book number with my new team at Lindy Focus: ‘Monkey’ Mikey, ‘Lioness’ Gaby, and ‘White Tiger’ Kevin.

Southern Belle Swing Bash

This was definitely one of the best weekends of 2010 for me!

Firstly, Gina Helfrich and Michael & Jaya Gamble were the organizers of this glorious event and did a bang up job. Frankly, they are some of the best organizers in the US and if you haven’t been to one of their events, you should go! I know…. you should go to Lindy Focus!!

Teaching Classes

I really felt like I came into my own this weekend. I felt really confident in the material I was teaching and that allowed me to think about how I’d like to deliver the message instead of focusing on what I was going to say. All in all, I felt like I knocked it out of the park. I thought I was funny, witty, silly, sassy, and a bit of an asshole. In fact, I think you could say I was a sass-hole!! Hahah, I think one of my favorite things I told the class was that I aimed to be offensive, but not so much that anyone would leave. 😀 I must admit, this weekend of teaching changed who I am as an instructor. I’ll never be the same again….so THANKS M&J and Gina!!

I’d also like to give a shout out to Kevin, my awesome dance partner, for teaching the Jumps! class with me and being my knight in shinning …. er…. jeans. Kevin feels like home base so when I teach with him, it just feels easy! And let’s not forget about Andrew Munoz for being a fantastic leader and teaching partner in my other two partnered classes. Andrew was very brave to agree to teach with me. I only gave him 3 minutes of prep time for each class and he killed it. A great teacher in the making, me thinks!


I had a really fun time putting together a piece with Carla and Laura and they were such champs! The choreo wasn’t finished until Sunday the week before and I wasn’t able to put it on film to send to them until Tuesday. That just goes to show what professional ladies those two are!!

And speaking of professional ladies, the ever so love Miss Sharon Davis threw down a performance at SBSB. Check it out!

Yes, yes, yes, she wasn’t on the bill because she wasn’t teaching, but the event was THAT good that even Sharon came all the way from Australia for it……heheh, ok, so that’s not entirely true. She was in the general area and she came down from Pittsburgh to have some weekend fun. 😀

Here’s a video from the Solo Charleston Contest:

1st place: Ms. Breanna Perry
2nd place: Jesse Hanus
3rd place: Morgan Lee Kestner
4th place: Lindsay Longstreth

For whatever it’s worth, here is video of the Instructor Jam we had at the beginning of the weekend.

If you had thought about coming but decided last minute you weren’t going to come, I am sorry that you missed such a stellar weekend. It was a rocking good time.

Lindy Focus Time!!

Yes, yes, yes, I know this post is extremely late, but better late than never!! Here are some performance pictures of me, Kevin, and the Killer Dillers!!!

Thanks to YoungWoo Jon, Aristomenis Pikeas, and Colin Butler for the photos.

Videos from the show:

Puttin’ on the Ritz – Lindy Focus 2009 from Jo Hoffberg on Vimeo.

Intro number, choreographed by Nathan Bugh

Me and Shaz doing a fan dance:

The Killer Diller hotties (men):

Mine and Kev’s advance performance group:

New Year Eve Jam:

Roxie Heartbreak’s fan dance:

List of Camps & Exchanges for 2010


Lindy Hops the Öresund, Copenhagen

Late Night Jump, Tampere

Moscow Christmas Dance Camp

South Florida Lindy Exchange, Miami/Fort Lauderdale

Utah Lindy Exchange, somewhere in the state…

Sea Swing Sensations Cruise, Long Beach —> Mexican Riviera

Lindy Hop Argentina International Festival, Buenos Aires

Camp Swing It, Seoul

Swing Camp Oz, Adelaide


Uppsala Winter Camp

Winter Jump, Oslo

Swingin’ in the Rain, Liège (Belgium)

Rock that Swing Festival, München

Crazy Rhythm Challenge, Toulouse

Goodnight Sweetheart, Welvyn (UK)

Leapin’ Lindy, Bern

SparX, Cleveland (Ohio)


Ljubljana Sweet Swing Festival

Scotland Swing Storm, somewhere in the country…

La Santa Swing, Lanzarote

Queen City Lindy Exchange, Charlotte (North Carolina)

Orlando Lindy Exchange, Orlando (Florida)

Atlanta Lindy Exchange

The Lafayette Lindy Exchange, Lafayette (Indiana)

Lindyfest, Houston

Pirate Swing, Ann Arbor (Michigan, USA)

Vietnam Lindy Exchange, Mui Ne


Swingin’ Spring, Gothenburg

Prague Spring Swing Festival

Woodhop Weekender, Radevormwald (near Köln)

Is There Hop, Zürich

Geneva Lindy Exchange

BritHop London Lindy Exchange

Barswingona, Barcelona

BABBLE, New York

Great Wall Swingout, Beijing

Hullaballoo, Perth Lindy Exchange


Potsdam Havelhop, Potsdam (near Berlin)

Swing Brother Swing, Pieve di Cento (near Bologna)

Swingin’ Méditérranée, Montpellier

Swinglandia, Kiev

Michigan Lindy Exchange, Midlands Fairground

Camp Jitterbug, Seattle


Stockamöllan Swing Festival (Sweden)

CopHop, Copenhagen

Boogie-Bären, Landsberg am Lech (Germany)

Highland Swing, Carbisdale Castle (Scotland)

Amsterdam Lindy Exchange

Swing Crash Festival, Como

Beantown Camp, Boston

Denver Lindy Exchange


Herräng Dance Camp

Kissme, Ann Arbor (Michigan, USA)

Connecticut Lindy Exchange, New Haven

Rhythm Arts Festival, New Orleans

Swingtime in the Rockies, Denver

Camp Hollywood, Los Angeles


Gothenburg Lindy Exchange

Swing i Svaben, Svabensverk (Sweden)

Studio Hop Summer Camp, Toulouse

Arctic Lindy Exchange, Iceland

Porto Lindy Exchange

Lindy on the Rocks, Denver

Seattle Lindy Exchange

International Lindy Hop Championships, Washington DC

Canberräng, Canberra

New Zealand Exchange, Auckland


Munich Lindy Exchange

Edinburgh Lindy Exchange

Dublin Lindy Exchange

Swing Out New Hampshire, Camp Wicosuta

Knoxville Lindy Exchange

San Francisco Lindy Exchange

Osaka Lindy Exchange


Halloween Swing Camp, Stockholm

Lindy on the Edge, Bergen

Vienna Hot Swing Jam, Wien

Lindy Shock, Budapest

Belindy Zena Camp, Genova

Cambridge Lindy Exchange

Rocktober Fest, Columbus, Ohio

Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, New Orleans

Sving du Nord, Twin Cities, Montana

Camp Swing, San Fransisco

Albuquerque Lindy Exchange

Menari di Bali Lindy Camp


Waterkant Jam, Hamburg

Festival Swing of Paris

Stir It!, Zürich

Grenoble Swing Dance Festival

Austin Lindy Exchange (USA)

Sydney Swing Festival

Melbourne Lindy Exchange


The Snowball, Stockholm

Lindy Focus, Asheville (North Carolina, USA)

Lindy Loves Soul, Charleston, South Carolina

North American Open, San Francisco

Swingin’ the New Year, San Diego

New Year Eve – outfit

I had a doppelganger at Lindy Focus this year!

Photo courtesy of Sharon Davis

Delilah Williams bought her dress from Bebe and I my dress was a Jessica McClintock. Sharon said we looked like reversed French Maids….I thought that was a great way of describing us.

I don’t have any more details on what Delilah was wearing, but here is my run down.

Dress – Jessica McClintock
Tights – Tabeau Tights by Wolford
Shoes – Gramercy by Remix

Here is a picture of what my nails were supposed to look like:

nails - b&w

What did you wear?

Roxie Heartbreak’s fan dance

Here’s a late night performance from Lindy Focus (not office appropriate):

Uh yeah. Andrew Thigpen did a stellar job pumping up the crowd before Roxie took over. The best view of this routine would have been straight on from the front, but you get the gist of it. Vavavoom!

My Birthday!

Today has been a long day. So far I’ve taught two classes – One Swing, One World and an aerials class – and done a tech rehearsal for tonight’s show. I now need to shower, eat dinner, do my hair and makeup, and then get ready to perform!!

Wish me luck!



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