I want this luggage!! It’s not going to happen, but a girl can dream!

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We have Arrived!

We finally made it to Sweden around 5pm their time and it was a lovely day out. It was sunny and even a tad warm (when there was no wind). After Kev filed a “lost luggage” claim, we exchanged some money and headed to the Nice Bed &Breakfast. It’s a very cute yellow building that looks very well insulated. In fact, all the buildings look well insulated, but no surprise since the Swedes truly have winter out here.
I laid down for a nap while Kev played on his computer. I think at some point he napped because we both got up around 8pm to take showers and then meet Jane (one of the organizers) for dinner. The showers are very cute, but require that one squeegee the floor. There is no basin or anything to stand “in” so the water seems to spray/splatter all over the ground. After that, we headed outside and down the street about a block, there was Jane and Steven Mitchell! The restaurant we went to for dinner was only a block from our place and the place was super cute. The ambiance was calm and modern and the food was excellent. We all ordered pizzas which were thin but large. Kev and I both had a Tropicana (ham, banana, pineapple, and curry), Jane had something with meat, and Steven had an egg and something.
After dinner we headed out to meet up with Dax and Alice. It was great to see them again. We hung out at the dance studio briefly and then Steven and I headed home because we were exhausted. Kev stayed back and hung out with the gang and had a great time (so he told me the next morning).

Off to bed!