Hair Tutorial – Day 18 – Inside Out French Braid

French Braid Friday has returned!!! Hopefully you saw last weeks tutorial on how to do a basic french braid which should prep you for this guy. If you have never french braided your hair before, you should be fine as long as you have some level of dexterity with your hands. I find that doing this inside out is a little bit harder than the regular one, but that might not be the case for you.

“In this hair tutorial I’ll show you how to do a very unique dutch braid / plait (also known as an inside out french braid). This look works great on all hair types (fine / thin / medium / thick , curly / wavy / straight hair, long and medium length)”.

Make sure to practice both right side up and inside out. If you’re having problems doing this behind your head, see if you can borrow a friend with medium/long hair and see if you can do it. Otherwise, just feel it out!

Send pictures!! I’d love to do a slideshow of people with their hairdos for next month!

Hair Tutorial – Day 17 – Hot Rollers

After watching as many hair tutorials as I have for this month, I realize how freaking important it is to have some body in your hair when you start. Reflecting on doing my hair over the last few years, my hair styles have stayed in longer and looked nicer when I started with curly hair. Arg!!! But that’s so much more time consuming! Ah, the price of beauty….

Ok, so how should I curl my hair? Well, there are a few different ways, but here’s how to use hot rollers!

OR this guy!

Gah, I’m sorry I keep finding videos with such chitta-chattah! Fast-forward to 2:12 to start the hair tutorial part. Dulce Candy87 is cute and bubbly in one of those 16 yo sorts of ways…..if you can get past the rhythm of her sentences and her roller coaster intonation, there’s a few good points to take away. Ahhh, Valley Girls…. *shake head

As you can see, it’s not particularly difficult, but there is a little skill involved. Pay attention to the direction you roll your hair and at what angle. Those details do make a difference in what your curls look like.

Now me in hot rollers!

Surely I can’t be the only one who has pictures of themselves looking silly in rollers?! Give ’em up ladies and send me some pictures to post or link me to them1

Hair Tutorial – Day 14 – Pin Curls

This is primarily what I do with my hair when I am trying to curl it. It’s easy to do and easy to sleep in. Typically I’ll keep my hair in pin curls for two days and then when I take them out I have big, bouncy hair. Take a look at my banner (top of website); that’s what my hair can look like when I do this to my hair. Haha, if you wear your hair in pin curls for a couple of days, make sure you have a scarf or something to wrap your head in….you’ll look pretty funny if you don’t. 😀

Heheh, funny side story. I wore my cover up for a few days and finally when I took my hair out, a number of people didn’t believe that my curly hair was real. Eeesh, in fact, I think some of thought I had lost my hair…….different story. ANY who…

OMG, so much talky-talky! I jumped ahead to 1:54 which is where the tutorial really starts. You can either have damp hair or dry hair (which you’ll need to use product) to do this style. If you’re short on time, just to 5:00 and take it from there.

Picture of my hair after I pin curl it:

When you pin curl your hair, do you do it this way or with a curling iron?

Hair Tutorial – Day 12 – Inspired by Bernie

Save yourself the time and start at 1:52. This is a super fast and easy hair style and that will definitely make it into my hair style rotation. You’ll need medium to long hair to do this.

I think if you you can do a number of different things with this style once you are comfortable with the technique. Play around with it a little bit and let me know how you modify this to make it work for you. Mini french twist in the back? A hair rat in the front?

Hair Tutorial – Day 11 – French Braid Friday!

Here’s what I’ll tell you about me and French Braids. When I was growing up, all the popular girls and soccer players knew how to french braid hair. I remember wanting to french braid my hair, but my friends and I never knew how. Fast forward to 2008; I remember seeing Sharon wear her hair in one and that finally gave me the push to learn how to do it. Thank goodness there was a magical machine called YouTube that provided me with answers so that I, too, could have french braided hair! FYI: what Americans know as a braid, the Aussies and Brits know as a plait. What Americans know as a French braid, the A/B know as a braid. Don’t get confused like I did!!

During a week off back in 2009, I found myself a tutorial on how to french braid and I made myself learn how to do it! It took 45 minutes the first time, or something close to that. My triceps were burning by the time I finished one side! Hahha, even now, one of the best ways for me to increase my body temperature is to french braid my hair. Works a treat!! So don’t get frustrated trying to learn this. It’s a piece of cake once you have it down, you just need to learn the pattern with your hands. Once you learn to braid crossing the hair over the top, then try the same pattern, but crossing the hair under. 😛

Ok, now to braiding!

French Braid and Bun. This I’ll use!

Once you already have that down, try this one that wraps around the side of your head. I do something similar to this to this with my hair, but I go more at an angle (see photos). I like how this lady explains what to do; it’s pretty clear and concise. If you know how to french braid before doing this video, I presume this will be easier.

Hair Tutorial – Day 10 – Hair and Makeup

This girl is cute-as-a-button! I presume the voice on the video is hers, but for me, it doesn’t connect to her face. I like that this video has a makeup tutorial attached to it, the hair portion uses a bandanna, and the whole thing is relatively quick.

Did you see when her boyfriend came in to give her a kiss? How cute!!!

I think this is a keeper for me. How about you? Easy enough?

Hair Tutorial – Day Nine – Victory Rolls

I really dig how Vivideluxxxe did her tutorial. Even if you don’t watch the entire thing, you can still click through the video and see her progression. I really like the shape of her rolls. 😀

Often times I won’t curl my hair before I do rolls, but I can absolutely see the benefit of why one should. Hehe, mostly I don’t have the time since my hair is so long and heavy. How about you? Do you curl your hair or do you tease instead?

Don’t forget to send me pictures!!

Hehhe, I just figured out that my Day Six post didn’t make it up, until now! Check it out. I found a great tutorial on how to curl hair with a curling iron. Great for short to medium hair.

Hair Tutorial – Day Seven – Hair Rat

Thank goodness for Fleur! She has a fabulous website where she shares her vintage knowledge and provides lots of authentic vintage & retro fashion inspiration, plus styling tips, recipes, events and other fab things.

Here’s what she has to say about her video:

“My second ever vintage hair tutorial, this time it’s 40s style faux / bumper bangs! Not quite as big as Dita von Teese’s (or her icon Carmen Miranda) but better for those not quite as brave! It could also work for a 50s, Bettie Page style look and it’s a perfect pinup girl style. Look out for the comedy fumble at the beginning!”

I love that she calls bobby pins “curvy grips.” Oh those English, they are so charming!

I think I’ll be spending some time on this one. I’d really like to be a master of the rat tail (hehehe). I dig the look! More on this later!!

Hair Tutorial – Day Six – How to Curl Your Hair

Normally I don’t have enough time on my hands to curl all of my hair, but on the few occasion that I have, I’ve adored the product! When the Killer Dillers did their photoshoot after Frankie 95, I had my hair properly curled and I’ll tell ya….it’s the way to go! If you have a curling iron and some clips, you’re good to go!

Pretty fabulous, huh?

For some reason you have a photo shoot coming up….I’d totally consider doing this. 😀

And here is one if you have really short hair:

Hair Tutorial – Day Five – Bangs

Ladies, it’s Saturday and it’s time to Do it Up!! Even if you’re going to stay home and park it on the couch, do Hot Yoga, cook something new, or play with your cat, you should do this first, and then hang out with you, yourself, and your fabulous hair!

Make it big ladies. Go big or go home! If you’re already home, go BIG because you have no reason not to! Your cat will love it….I’m sure 😀

Yes, it does require that you curl your hair, but ladies…you’re worth it!! Just do it! Hahha, now that I’ve said that, I’ll have to hit up Nikki Marvin to see if I can borrow hers 🙂

Here’s another video that you might find interesting. The girl uses a hair rat in her bangs. I know I’ve been meaning to learn how to use mine, and now’s my chance!

Last, but not least, how to create bangs by teasing, curling, and spraying. What I really like about this last video is that she doesn’t talk though it. Instead, she has little placards that appear, give you tips, and then it goes back to her doing her hair at 1.5 speed. Yeah!!