Czech Fashion Magazine

Kevin and I made it into a Czech Men’s Fashion Magazine. Needless to say, I’m pretty thrilled!

For Men

Czech photoshoot

Oh my, who are these lovely lindy hoppers? Katja Završnik and Peter Winqvist Loggins

Katja Završnik and Peter Winqvist Loggins

Pamela Gaizutyte and Juan Ignacio Villafane
Pamela Gaizutyte and Juan Ignacio Villafane


“Top swing dance teachers from around the world showing their best pieces from swing era. For Men Magazine May 2015. The magazine text says: swing, sexy, cool as shit and so on…”

Photographer: Matej Tresnak Photography

Picnic with Gatsby

What a delightful afternoon I had prancing around the Historic Dunsmuir Helman Estate at the The 27th Annual Gatsby Summer Afternoon! There was hardly enough time to take everything in. All the guests were dressed to the nines in their best 1920-1940s daywear and they even brought red wagons filled with picnic baskets, lemonade, all the fixing for Mint Juleps, pie, scones, and scotch. And to make sure they were comfortable while dining, many people brought their picnic blankets and chairs. One group even brought a rug, six wicker chairs, a tea set, punch bowl, a well stocked bar, and an enormous umbrella. Needless to say, they were the picnic champs of the afternoon.

Pictures from my phone, Kevin St. Laurent, Walter Nelson, and Kim Yasuda

I had not attended this party before so I prepared for the live music to be mediocre, but instead it was marvelous! The Don Neely’s Royal Society Jazz Orchestra was killin’ it all afternoon, and so much so that within moments of arriving, Kevin and I hit the dance floor to bal. Yup, that’s right, we did Balboa and we were cutting sick (for us)! Hehe, ok, perhaps not the ideal choice of words when describing one’s (1) balboa dance at (2) a vintage garden party, but eh….it’s my post. DISCLAIMER: Kevin and I do not claim to be balboa dancers. We can do it to some degree, but we are no means as skilled as someone like Mickey and Kelly, nor do we claim to be.

So anyways…had a sweet dance with Kevin and then my hair managed to undo itself. I redid my hair, introduced myself to a number of people, and saw some familiar faces from the past like Michael (of Michael and Persephone), Jane Barnes, Jason Hesse, Chris Lee, and Rusty Frank. I ate, I drank, I chased Kevin around with a camera and took various photos of him, and I danced twice more. The shim sham came on and I think every lindy hopper there hit the floor. Shortly after that, there was a partnered Charleston Contest which Kevin and I won. We are now the 2011, Art Deco Society, Great Gatsby Picnic, Partnered Charleston Champions! What a mouthful. *smile To be perfectly honest, our Balboa dance at the beginning of the afternoon was MUCH more spectacular than what we did on the competition floor, but regardless, we graciously accepted first…..and then I had to redo my hair again.

There was more drinking and mingling….and then the party was done. As the sun sat lower in the sky, people packed up their picnic baskets, folded up their blankets, loaded up their wagons, and the vintage cars rumbled away. The afternoon was reminiscent of a dream. It all happened so quickly and then it was done. As I type about it now, sitting in front of my trusty Mac in my modern pajamas, it doesn’t quite feel real. Thank goodness for photos….and a first place ribbon.

The Vital Moustache Issue

Buwahaahha! This just tickles me silly! “Always tackling the BIG topics, Lindybeige brings you the latest on swing dance camp moustache-related musings. In 2010 many of the top male swing dancers suddenly sprouted thin moustaches. The trend continues and seems still to be waxing.”

Photograph of Juan by Ana Luz Crespi.
Photograph of Peter by Luka Dolenc.

Oh yeah, and here’s a picture of Bobby with a pencil mustache 😀

Herrang Wk4 – Costumes

Week 4

Friday, 29th July 2011

20 000 Leagues Under the Sea

The great big blue is welcoming you into a world of colourful fishes, seaweed and old shipwrecks. Green, blue, yellow and purple! A well hidden coffin with golden coins is a red mark on the treasure map. Captain Nemo and his crew are heading to sea in the big submarine Nautilus. Mermaids, cods and sharks, come and help battling against the terrifying school of giant squids. And who knows you might be the lucky one, when the night comes the treasure might be yours!

Photo Inspiration


Pretty straight forward, Gentlemen. Navy pants are clearly a must and it looks like a white turtle neck will get you pretty far this week! If you plan on getting dirty and don’t want to sully your top, a blue turtle neck with red piping and a matching cap will suffice. *smirk

Nothing says Nautical quite like a red & white striped shirt and navy pants. Am I right?!

I’ve already mentioned a white turtleneck, but extra points will be awarded to those wearing a ribbed one! And let’s not forget the beard. Seriously, Gentlemen, you either need to bring your chin (see image above) or grow a beard that says I Mean Business. Can’t wait to see what you guys draw on your face *smile*

Smoking jacket and organ anyone?

If everything else seems a bit trite, you can just bring your enormous octopus and your hull. Just sayin’….

Every Man Should Carry a Handkerchief

I just finished reading an outstanding article written by Brett & Kate McKay from The Art of Manliness – a blog dedicated to uncovering the lost art of being a man – about why men should carry handkerchiefs. You should absolutely go to the site, read the article, and look around at the other awesome posts, and until then, here is my abbreviated take on it.

There are a few things that men should carry in their pockets, once thing being a (clean) handkerchief. If your ladies starts to cry, you have something you can offer her; if your nose starts to run, you won’t have to blow the mess on the sidewalk; and if you’re sweaty from dancing, you have something to dry off with.

Why Carry a Handkerchief?

Handkerchiefs are pretty handy items. We ladies carry a purse filled with various item (often more than necessary) where most men carry the bare minimum. And yet your noses run just as often as the lady’s do. However, if you carried a hankie, you wouldn’t have to go wipe your nose with a piece of your clothing or pull a Texas nose blow. Here’s another scenario: it’s summer time, you’re wearing a light colored linen suit, sitting on the porch, listening to some blues drinking a mint julep and you’re feeling moist. Do you grab a paper towel? No way; you take an embroidered hankie out of your pocket and dab your brow. Mainly this is what a handkerchief for. Ben Morris tends to carry them with him while he’s dancing and instead of sweating on his partners, he dries himself off and doesn’t sweat on his partner any more than necessary.

Remember leaders, it’s not just about you, it’s about your follow too. Think of what a man you’ll be if you come prepared to something that might make a girl cry: a chic flick, an amazing routine, or a breakup. Girls, just like your fellow dude, feel vulnerable on occasion, and if you can come to their (my) rescue, they’ll not only appreciate it, but also remember the offer. According to the article this post is based off of, “It’s a gallant and chivalrous gesture; there’s just something comforting about it.” McKay, Brett and Kate. (2009, March 26). Post about Handkerchiefs. Message posted to

It’s not icky

We are a very germaphobic culture these days, so no wonder why popularity of the handkerchief has decreased so significantly. Don’t believe me? Do you or anyone you know have hand sanitizer? Do you own Febreeze or a similar product? Do you have something in the bathroom to cover up smells? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Heads up: you need more than one hankie; a clean one for every day of the week and at the end of the week, they should be thrown into the laundry. And this should go without say, but just in case, if you offer you handkerchief to someone, please make sure it’s unused. That’s just nasty.

Maybe you’re not still not convinced. Maybe you feel like like it’s gross. Well guess what, it’s YOUR grossness. Man up and deal with your snot (and if you’re a lindy hopper, you shouldn’t be afraid of sweat otherwise you’re doing the wrong dance). Another bonus: it’s Earth-friendly.

How to Carry a Handkerchief

Typically a handkerchief is carried in your pants. There’s a party in your pants, and I’m invited (to use it…..maybe). FYI, and handkerchief isn’t a pocket square which is that bit of flash that adorns your suit pocket. The can be plain, basic cotton ones or be a little flashy, flashy. You can also personalize them by having your initials embroidered onto them.

So that’s my synopsis of of their post. Make sure you head over to their website, read the real post, and enjoy their other amazing posts! Here are some of my other favorites.