Lindy Focus X: Busty Bullet and her Drunken Act of Seduction

I needed to put a performance together for when I was in Greece a few weeks ago and I was thinking about doing my old fan dance from Lindy Focus VIII. After some thought, I figured I should push myself to come up with something new, something better. Somehow I decided that a drunken striptease would be the way to go, and who better to help me out than Kevin!

After performing the number in Greece, I figured I was brave enough to perform it at Lindy Focus X. Here is me being as silly as I can be during opening night!

The great thing about “acting drunk” is that it covers up a lot of the flaws in the dancing 😀

I LOVE performing this number. It’s unlike everything else I do and have done. Getting to strip down to my skivvies has always been a dr……..what am I saying?!! It was nerve-wracking as all hell, but it was a blast. I figured of all crowds, this would be one that could appreciate my silly sense of humor. I think what I like most about it is that I get to be incredibly silly! The dancing is by no means spectacular in this, but the “acting” was really fun to do.

Some photos from the show:

Thank you Jesse Keener for taking some awesome shots of me!! xx

Now it’s time to talk Costume!!

  • The black thing with the fringe on it….I found that at Red Light in Seattle and it fit perfectly. It was just a black shell, so all the accoutrements that you see were added after the fact (huge thanks go out to the sensational Miss Indigo Blue). I played with the idea of having ugly underwear on at the end (so not only do I come home drunk, and slightly useless, but I have Laundry Day undies on ….hahahha), but Kevin vetoed that idea.
  • The nude slip thingy was also acquired at Red Light. I found some diamond stickers that I put onto the front so there was some sparkle to the costume.
  • I bought the skirt from Betsey Johnson two years ago and it was worth every penny!!
  • I borrowed the scarf from my mother.
  • The gloves came from Amazon and are cheap, satin gloves. I found some fun heart-shaped jewels and glued them on the side of the gloves and added a tassel to the end.
  • The jacket came from Macy’s this March on super sale. God, I love that coat!
  • The black hair flower is from H&M and I bought it less than a week ago.

And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed the ridiculousness of it all 😀

Miss Exotic World – Miss Indigo Blue

Congratulations hot stuff!!!

-Story used with kind permission of Miss Indigo Blue. From Burlesque Seattle Press.

Seattle-based international burlesque sensation Miss Indigo Blue, “The Twirly Girl,” has been crowned the Reigning Queen of Burlesque at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Reunion and Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada. The newly named Queen, officially “Miss Exotic World 2011” took home a tiara and a 3-foot tall trophy for her win, and a second trophy for the “Most Classic” award.

“It is a tremendous honor to serve the Burlesque Community as the Reigning Queen of Burlesque. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to raise funds for the Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum and to share the history of Burlesque with the world,” said the new Burlesque royalty.

The Annual Burlesque Hall of Fame (BHoF) Reunion, now in its 54th year, gathers dozens of burlesque legends to reminisce with other icons of the art, and share their experience with younger performers. The BHoF Pageant is the preeminent burlesque event of the year in the United States. Approximately 1600 burlesque performers, fans, and aficionados from around the world attend the weekend event, spending four days performing, networking, partying and promoting burlesque at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas.

Miss Indigo Blue is best known as the Headmistress of the Seattle-based Academy of Burlesque, and as the star of the independent film “A Wink And A Smile” by local female filmmaker Dierdre Timmons. She is the Executive Director of BurlyCon burlesque convention, held annually in Seattle. Miss Indigo Blue is also a member of the Atomic Bombshells troupe, and performs regularly at the Triple Door in Lily Verlaine Productions such as “Through The Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice In Wonderland” and “Land Of The Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker”.

The stunning Lily Verlaine, known as “A Living, Breathing Work of Art”, also took home honors as Second Runner-Up in the Miss Exotic World competition. Both local beauties wore custom couture gowns created by local designer Danial Webster.

This is the second national title brought home to Seattle this year by local Burlesque performers. Inga Ingénue, “The Little Blonde Bomb,” recently won the Miss Viva Las Vegas title and also performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in a Danial Webster creation.

Burlesque has seen a major resurgence over the past 15 years, with artists like Dita Von Teese regularly making headlines, and a new major motion film “Burlesque” starring Christina Aguilera and Cher drawing crowds nationwide. The underground Burlesque scene has produced its own stars such as Miss Exotic World 2004 Dirty Martini and Miss Exotic World 2006 Julie Atlas Muz, both of whom star in the current independent film “Tournee” which won a Palme d’Or at Cannes.

Burlesque is a uniquely American art and entertainment form characterized by short strip-tease dances performed in lavish tear-away costumes, often with a clever gimmick or humorous twist. The revival of Burlesque is, for the primarily female performers and audiences, an opportunity to revel in the glory and power of sexuality in an empowered and fun way.

Miss Indigo won her crown at the largest attended Burlesque Hall of Fame Pageant and Reunion ever, held in Las Vegas, Nevada June 2-5. Her win was the culmination of an intense competition that started with over 300 entries from around the world. The final field of 15 contestants was judged by panel of celebrity and expert judges who deemed Miss Indigo Blue triumphant due to herExper-Tease.

Miss Indigo Blue is currently planning her year-long agenda of duties, as well as continuing to run the Academy of Burlesque and plan the annual BurlyCon Burlesque convention in Seattle this fall. “I hope to travel widely this year to perform, teach, and meet with community members about building a larger home for our museum collection of Burlesque memorabilia…and thank goodness this isn’t the Miss America Pageant, because I’m definitely posing naked this year!”

The Burlesque Hall of Fame is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire, educate and entertain the public, fostering an appreciation for and understanding of the unique history and heritage of vintage American Burlesque. In 2006, the Burlesque Hall of Fame relocated from Helendale, California to Las Vegas, Nevada in hopes of establishing a permanent, first-rate tourist attraction and research/exhibition space for our one-of-a-kind collection. More information is available at:

Miss Indigo Blue is the Headmistress of the Academy of Burlesque, Executive Director of BurlyCon Burlesque Convention, and co-Director of Education at the Burlesque Hall of Fame. Miss Indigo Blue is the star of the film “A Wink And A Smile”, available on Netflix and iTunes. Miss Indigo Blue is a Burlesque performer and teacher based in Seattle, Wash. Visit her


L’Edition Francaise

La Danse! Le Burlesque! L’Edition Francaise is playing at the The Triple Door this weekend, so in case you aren’t going to the dances at Camp Jitterbug, you should go support some great local burlesque!!


One of the hotest burlesque numbers, ever!!!

L’Edition Francaise features an all star cast: Miss Indigo Blue, Kitten LaRue, Lily Verlaine, Bunny Monroe, The Luminious Pariah, Paris Original, Changra La-La, Trojan Original, Stella Saintclair, Inga Ingenue, Sassy DeLure and Scott Bartell (both of whom are flying in just for these performances). The three nights of shows also feature the formidable talents of Kylie Lewallen and Ty Cheng of Spectrum Dance Theater.

Lily Verlaine, Olivier Wevers, and Kitten LaRue choreographed three individual performance suites tied together by French music and nostalgic pop culture- and of course, burlesque. It’s smoldering, playful and full of surprises.

Photos from Chris Blakeley



Moisture Festival Show – Review

I am so unbelievably inspired by the show last night!!

The ACT Theatre was lovely. It has a very impressive light rig and ventilation system that hides a gorgeous ceiling, and is perfect for hanging trapeze and silks from. The performers did a great job performing to the audience on all sides instead of picking a “front” and then focusing there. Bonus points to the ladies who removed articles of clothing; as they set up their “reveal” for one part of the audience, the audience on the other side of the stage got a great preview of “the goods” ahead of time. Good on em’!

A good bit of the show was done to live music and the band was freaking hot! The Zebra Kings are an eight piece big band featuring John Olafs on guitar, Damien Aitken on Sax, Jim Knodle on trumpet, and Tige DeCoster on bass. * They played Jazz/R&B during the breaks, and everything from Offenbach to bump-and-grind for the performers. Unfortunately I can’t find much more information on them other than what I’ve put up, so if you know something, leave a comment!! 😀

Kevin Joyce and Blanche DeBris (clever name if I do say so myself) were the hosts of the show and they awkward, engaging, charming, and brazen. Throughout the show, Kevin and Blanche take time to “discover” their true selves and we get to see them blossom as performers throughout the show. I thought they were fantastic. Kevin used a Spain-Spanish accent throughout the show that was charming and lovable. Blanche had a darling, Betty-Boop-of-a-voice that she used throughout the show and a naive, sexy charm about her. I thought she killed the last number with her rendition of Rubber Ducky! Damn, Ernie will never look at his Ducky the same way again.

My favorite burlesque performers of the evening were Miss Indigo Blue, Shanghai Pearl, and Trixie Little & the Evil Hate Monkey.

“Sexy, funny, irreverent and ingeniously clever, Miss Indigo Blue flirts with the edgy, exotic and erotic fringes of burlesque. More than just a great practitioner of the ol’ bump and grind, she enlivens her performances with a heady blend of brainy and bawdy that makes audience’s mouths water, as their minds whirl. Miss Indigo has performed across the globe and is a three-time award-winner at the annual Miss Exotic World competition, and also currently holds the First Runner Up title from the Jenny Lee Tassel Twirling. Miss Indigo founded BurlyQ Queer Cabaret in 2002, which now has outcroppings in New York and London and is the founder and Headmistress of the Academy of Burlesque in Seattle which was featured in the documentary film, A Wink and a Smile (directed by Deirdre Timmons, Golden Echo Films). We look forward to what she has in store for the festival! For more about Miss Indigo check out her website.”

“The Shanghai Pearl is The Tantalizing Temptress from Taipei and Princess of Pulchritude! She infuses traditional bump and grind with her signature Shanghai sweetness. Her range is broad; spanning the burlesque gamut from tantalizing tongue in cheek tease to irreverent vaudevillian vignettes. Always entertaining and full of sizzling striptease, her moxie and bravado is not to be missed! Catch her on the Libertease stage and allow her to Shanghai your heart! Website.”

Miss Indigo did a GOR-geous feather fan number and I have to say, it one of the most musical burlesque numbers I’ve seen! Thank you for restoring my faith in quality of musical movement within the Burlesque scene!!!! Shanghai had on a jaw-droppingly beautiful, hot pink, feather boa, and if I find a picture of it, I’ll post it! She has a raw, classy sex appeal about her that admire; if I were in the burlesque scene more, I think this is a persona that I’d like to take on. Speaking of which – what would be  your burlesque persona?

All of the acrobatic numbers in the show were great. My favorite was Nich Galzin on his German Wheel. Here’s a video of his number. Not only was it a beautiful number, but it was perfectly spaced in the show. Extra points for doing the number on a much smaller stage than the one in that video! Ladies, it’s totally worth a look, he’s a hottie with a body. * grin

Most of the numbers in the show were really well done, but the one that made my heart smile and freakin’ touched my Performance Soul was a number by Lady Rizo. What can I say; I think she’s the bee’s knees. Frack, it was soooooo awesome. Ok ok ok….first and foremost, she had the most RI-DIC-ulous dress on. It was a black, tiered dress with fading sparkles on the tiers. Buggar, I know I’m doing a crappy job explaining what this stunning dress looked like, so mark my words when I say I’ll find it and post a picture on it. I love it so much that I am going to save up and buy one for myself and wear it to Lindy Focus for New Years. OMG, I’m sure it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg; hahah, I’ll probably choke once I figure out how expensive it was. Gaaahhhh…

Ok, so STUNNING dress and an equally marvelous voice. But it wasn’t just her voice that impressed me, it was her attitude behind it. Man, she’s sassy, and frankly, I’d love to sass people up and down the way she did! On top of that, I felt like she connected with the audience and lured us in. Her number brought the house down. It was….one of the all time great singing performances I’ve seen. In fact, I now want to learn to sing after seeing this number. GAD, it was so goood (no, that’s not a typo).

I know! Right?

Ok, last video. Here are highlights from Week 2 of the Moisture Festival:

My parents saw the guy doing the shaving cream act and thought it was hilarious!

Moisture Festival

I’m going to see the Moisture Festival tonight with my parents and I’m super stoked about it!! Here’s the rundown from the website about the show:

ACT – A Contemporary Theatre

700 Union Street

Seattle WA

Admission: $25
Buy Tickets
For an adult evening, The Moisture Festival presents their Libertease Burlesque from all angles – in the round in the beautiful Allen Theatre at ACT. Featuring a tantalizing mix of burlesque stars and ribald comedy/varietè acts, these shows seduce and delight while tickling your funny bone. This unique brand of burlesque show presents this art form in a daring and beautiful new way. Our live show band provides the underlying pulse that propels the show, creating a memorable evening of entertainment. This show is 18+ (must have valid ID).

This show’s artists include: Aviatrix, Aviatrix Ground Crew, Belle Cozette, Blanche DeBris, City Circus, Evilyn Sin Claire , Fuchsia FoXXX, Kevin Joyce, Lady Rizo, Miss Indigo Blue, NANDA, Nich Galzin, Shanghai Pearl, Trixie Little & the Evil Hate Monkey, Waxie Moon, Zebra Kings

The MC: Kevin Joyce & Blanche DeBris

Show Band: The Zebra Kings

It’s a sold out show so chances are if you haven’t gotten tickets yet, you’re not going to. But have no fear Seattlites! If you still want to go see some amazing burlesque, circus, variety acts, you still can, just check out the calendar!!!

>>>>>> More tomorrow!!