Rocktoberfest 2010

GAHH! What an awesome weekend. I might even go as far as saying it was better than last year. I unfortunately didn’t throw hot chocolate on a student this year (that was a complete disaster/accident), but I think I scarred some of them for life. 😀

The motto from the weekend: Don’t Dance like a Jackass, Just Act Like a Jackass.

You’re welcome.

Movie we referenced while teaching: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Blades of Glory, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Wedding Crashers, Spaceballs.

To all the students: Thanks for hanging in there and only being slightly offended. Great job with all the technique we showed you…keep working on your leading and following!

To the organizers: Thank you for letting Kevin and me talk some major jive and for having us forever-change-the-lives of your students and for taking us to some amazing restaurants (Knead, Haiku Sushi, North Star Cafe, Jenni’s Ice Cream).

To the Johns: Thanks for the wristband and the music and the dances!

To Mark: Great job getting into those pants!

Video Clip Time!

Winning Showcase Routine from Mark Mutherbaugh & Ellen Huffman!

The Jack & Jill Finals

Kevin and Jo performing “Communication”.

Patrick and Natasha performing “Please Don’t Talk to Me”.

Jam Time!