Camp Hollywood

What an awesome time in LA we had being at Camp Hollywood. The weather was lovely, Hillary (the organizer) took great care of us, and the students were amazing!

We taught some new Flash & Trash, Charleston Challenge, fast lindy, aerials, and Jam Routines and the classes were packed! There were about 150-200 people in our two largest classes (OMG). And everyone was so nice. Not to toot our own horns, but Kev and I were given an impressive amount of positive feedback about our material and our teaching style – it was really nice.

On the competition side of things, Kev and I, along with our buddies Juan and Sharon, cleaned house!

1st place – Advance J&J – Lead – Juan
1st place – Advance J&J – Follow – Sharon
1st place – Showcase – Kevin and Juan
3rd place – Showcase – Kevin and Jo
2nd place – Pro Lindy – Kev and Jo
5th place – Pro Lindy – Juan and Sharon

We had so many trophies that we couldn’t take all of them home, especially with the new excess baggage fees.

And a special shout out to Nick Williams and Laura Keat for their showcase piece. It was lovely, innovative, musical, and well performed!