Winter Coats

It’s that time of year when the Northern Hemisphere starts to chill and people bust out their scarves, dust off their winter coats and bundle up. I, like many people, have a winter coat that is functional and practical, but yet still have the desire to buy a new one for this season. My current winter coat is long, brown, has fun built-in glove thingys, and a faux-fur hood. It’s everything I could want in a coat except that it’s brown. “Why did you buy it then” you ask me (and I subsequently ask myself)? Because last year I had no winter coat, was in dire need of one, and all the black coats didn’t cut it in the “functional department”. So I now own a coat that I don’t like, but can’t get rid of due to how practical it is.

That being said, I do, however, find myself saying “well, a pea coat is a staple and will be in fashion for years to come, so therefore it’s ok if I buy one for myself.” So here are some of the pea coats I’ve been looking at as well as some others that have caught my eye AND are still available for purchase.

Pea Coats

Jacket and Diane from Modcloth ($92.99)

Caribbean Blue Coat from Modcloth ($74.99)

Juicy Couture “Goth Couture” Wool Flannel Pea Coat (eeek: $448.00) at Bloomingdales

 Juicy Couture "Goth Couture" Wool Flannel Pea Coat

Miss Sixty Women’s Double-breasted Wide Belted Wool Coat ($99.99) at Overstock

Betsey Johnson Women’s Short Wool Coat ($149.99) at Overstock

I think this coat is super cute, but the sleeves are too wide and it’s too short. Realistically I need something that covers my bum and will keep my arms warm. I can pictures a big gust of wind blowing by and going straight up my arms. Shiver me timbers!

Puffy Coats

Spiewak The Hawthorne Coat,Winter Coats & Jackets for Women ($142) on Amazon

Spiewak The Hawthorne Coat,Winter Coats & Jackets for Women

GUESS Quilted Faux Fur Trimmed Walking Coat ($98.00) at Nordstrom

So what are your winter coat wishes?