Hair Tutorial – Day 22 – Retro Hairstyle

This looks like it should be a pretty quick hairstyle. Nothing specially needed really, just a bunch of bobby pins (and maybe some hairspray if you want some extra hold) and patience.

Load the video and then jump through it. If you can figure out how to twist your hair and pin it so it looks like this on both sides…

….then jump ahead to 2:10 and start rolling the back of your hair. “Like so…”

Rolling the back of my hair seems to take forever! I’ve been told the best way to roll up the back of your hair is start in the middle and then do the sides. Have you heard the same thing? Do you prefer to work from one side to the other? Do you work R-to-L or L-to-R?

Hair Tutorial – Day 12 – Inspired by Bernie

Save yourself the time and start at 1:52. This is a super fast and easy hair style and that will definitely make it into my hair style rotation. You’ll need medium to long hair to do this.

I think if you you can do a number of different things with this style once you are comfortable with the technique. Play around with it a little bit and let me know how you modify this to make it work for you. Mini french twist in the back? A hair rat in the front?

Hair Tutorial – Day 10 – Hair and Makeup

This girl is cute-as-a-button! I presume the voice on the video is hers, but for me, it doesn’t connect to her face. I like that this video has a makeup tutorial attached to it, the hair portion uses a bandanna, and the whole thing is relatively quick.

Did you see when her boyfriend came in to give her a kiss? How cute!!!

I think this is a keeper for me. How about you? Easy enough?

Vintage Swimsuits

I’ve been looking for a vintage bathing suit for the summer for the past few months, and they are kinda tricky to find, believe it or not. Here are some of the pretty things I’ve found: ModCloth: Bathing BeautyVeronica Bikini Betty swimsuit These suits run between $70-$130. If you’re on the East Coast, you’ll have the item in a few days since they ship from PA. I’ve ordered from them before and I really dig their stuff. Great customer service too. (If you’d like the bikini in the center in a different color, click here.) Anthropology: Vargas two-piecePeaks and Valley's bikiniLorelei one-pieceouteniqua-one-piece I have not bought anything online from Anthropology, but I do enjoy wandering around in the store. These suits run between $170-$300 with shipping and taxes. Lolita’s Girls Black Marilyn Bathing SuitSailor Betty These suits run about $100. The site has a Rockabilly flavor to it. The company’s vintage designs are inspired by the fabulous pin-up girls of the 1940s and 50s. After several successful years of selling pin-up inspired lingerie and dresses, Lolita-Girl launched “Poolside,” a playful pin-up line of women’s swimwear. The glamor girls of decades past were revived with this sweet, playful pin-up collection that has been an overwhelming success. My Baby Jo Pink-cherry one-pieceRetro red polka dot one-piece Both suits are $72 plus tax and shipping. This 1950s retro-inspired swimsuit is flatter for all shapes and sizes. Popina Swimwear Jantzen There is something about this website design that I don’t like, but I what this suit looks like (now on sale for $80). Revamp Vintage produces fine reproduction vintage clothing for both men and women focusing on silhouettes from the 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. Recently they produced a line of swimwear. Some final pieces I found on Get Go Retro that I think are rather cute: Johnie – a blue bandeau 2 piece. $115 Norma Jean – a lovely white suit with a sweetheart neckline. $110 Oh La La – a 2 piece blue suit with two parallel white piping lines and rouching detail in the middle. Looks like a one piece.$119 Ok, so there you have it. If you know of any other high-waist bikinis or retro inspired bathing suits, drop me a line so I can add it to the list. For more fashion, check out Thank you Sharon Davis!!! Ester