Happy Birthday Sharon!

What a fun Birthday Day Ms. Sharon Davis just had. Well (smirk), at least according to my standards.

Last night around 3am we celebrated Shaz by indulging in brownies and ice cream. Kev bought a round of treats for us all and then we sang Happy Birthday. As we continued to eat, in good ol’ Herrang fashion, foreigners continued to walk by the Blue Moon Cafe and then it dawned on the group of us to get them to sing. Slowly but surely, Sharon was serenaded multiple times, by multiple people, in multiple languages. Here’s the list of what came by:

PortugueseParabéns a você,
Italian – buon compleanno
French – Joyeux anniversaire !
German – Alles gute zum Geburtstag!
Finnish – Hyvää syntymäpäivää
Norwegian – Gratulerer med dagen!
DanishTillykke med fødselsdagen
Swedish – Grattis på födelsdagen !
Hebrew – ום הולדת שמח “Yom Huledet Sameakh”
Ukrainian – Многая Літа Олек! (Mno-haja Leeta Oh-lek)
Russian – С днём рождения! S dnyem rojdeniya!
Lithuanian – su gimtadieniu Su gimimo diena
Hungarian -boldog születésnapot
Irish – Breithlá shona duit
Pig Lain
Mime – this was acted out silently, but with much enthusiasm

Hopefully I’ve have found the correct translations and have linked to to appropriate songs. If you know of a better video clip of someone singing “happy birthday” in whatever language, please send it to me.

Happy Birthday Shaz!! Enjoy your mustache, your jewels, the cake and banana bread!!! xoxoxo


I recently found Etsy and fell in love with the site. I spent HOURS on it my first night and now regularly check to see what’s new in the world of handmade goods. It’s ridiculous what you can find there.

Recently I’ve been geeking out on fascinator. Ok fine, longer than just recently, more like since I started hanging out with Sharon Davis who is a burlesque star, business woman extraordinaire, website creator, photoshop wiz, lindy hopper, and a bonafide Aussie. Oh yeah, and a style icon. So she has some rad looking head gear and I wanted a piece of the action! After hours of perusing the world wide web, I found some mad-pretty things on Etsy.

VintageBox1947, otherwise known as Nina (but not that Nina), creates feather and flower fascinators. Her stuff is absolutely gorgeous!!! Here are some of my personal favorites:

black-feathered-swag cream-swag-fascinator hot-rod-fascinator FLAPPER GIRL HEADBAND WITH PEACOCK FEATHERS Teal Feather Fascinator with black and diamond glass stones Pure White two sided faux pearl head dress with Swarovski Crystals

Lots more stuff on her Etsy site so go take a look. They are very reasonably priced and they ship super quickly. I reccent received the beautiful fascinator and I absolutely love it! If you’ve ever thought about buying one, you should buy one from Nina. Great service, fast shipping, and a great gal to boot!! These badboys will run you between $20-$45.

Burlesque in Boston – Sunday

It was soooooooooo difficult to wake up this morning. Last night we all got caught watching America’s Best Dance Crew which is a dance show on MTV that showcases hip hop crews. We couldn’t escape from it even though it promised only a total of 8 minutes of dancing in a 30 minute show; the dancing was just soooooooooo good.

Anyways, the long of the short of it is that we went to bed really, really late last night so waking up this morning sucked! Shaz and I bailed on the 10 am class and decided to go for the 11:30am Chair Dancing class. We stumbled out of bed, strolled by Whole Foods and got to class about half-hour late. However, we hadn’t missed chair dancing, we missed the workout exercise beforehand. I wished I had been there on time because I am feeling like I desperately need to work out.

We learned how to move the chair in various ways, how to walk around it, and how to stand and sit on it. I’d say it was a well-rounded class. Yet it came to my attention that I was out of shape, as in my muscles aren’t as strong as I remember them to be. I miss ballet because I was in much better shape then. My quads and core need work. Sigh.

So then we headed over to Pasty Making and Tassel-twirling. Shaz and I both made some great pastries. Mine are a bit more Vegas than old-school glamor, but I am still rather pleased, and Sharon’s are black with a white lace trim (proper and pretty). Making pasties is easier than I thought and it seems like your imagination and areola size set your limits. Shaz and I are stoked about going to a craft store and getting supplies to make our own pasties. But watch out for the glue; even now as I write this I still have glue stuck on my hands from working with the materials.

Otherwise the day was filled with some jazz dancing (very, very elementary) and learning about how to care for a snake and how to dance with one. The instructor seemed rather nervous, but she spoke clearly and was very informative.

When the day ended we walked back home and enjoyed the sunshine and the pretty houses along Magazine Street. Currently I am getting ready for a nap, some eating in a few hours, and then at some point I’ll need to get ready for tonight’s show. Cat and I have texted today and I am hoping to set up dinner with her tonight.  We’ll see how that goes.

 Things I learned today:

  • in a non-dancer crowd I am a great dancer
  • people come in all different shapes and sizes
  • arts and crafts time is still a lot of fun
  • I need to learn to tassel twirl
  • putting on events aren’t as easy as they look
  • advertising does WONDERS for any event
  • I live a great and easy life

Burlesque in Boston

This weekend Sharon and I are at the Great Boston Burlesque Exposition and we are having a blast!

We just finished our first day of classes and we are very pleased with ourselves. We woke up this morning and walked down to Whole Foods and got ourselves breakfast and then finished walking another 15 minutes to the event. We started our day off with stage fighting where we learned to fall, slap, pull hair, and punch each other. It felt like it was a little early in the morning for combat, but we ended up having a blast smacking each other around. Next we went to the hoola hooping class and had the best time; we are totally inspired and are dying to get home and buy some tubing and start hooping!!! And finally, we took a belly dancing class and spent an hour and a half wriggling and writhing around the room.

After finishing classes we checked out the convention and looked at vintage costumes, jewelry and clothing. We saw some amazing vintage outfits and the feathers and pasties were extraordinary. So inspiring. Then we headed home. The walk was lovely; even though it was windy (and icy wind at that), it was still sunny and warm. Shaz and I admired the colorful houses on the way home and imagined how much window treatments cost.

When we got home, Davis and Juan had just returned from Davis’ family goodbye party and had brought home food! Shaz and I were famished; we dug right in. And then, to make things even better, the cake came out. It was so good that I later described it as making me a better person. Yes – it was that good!

Juan, Shaz, Davis and I did some dancing and listen to music until we had to get ready tonight. Shaz and I were heading back to to Hilton for the main event so we needed to get all dolled up. I must say, we looked rather fabulous, especially in comparison to the boys who were in work out clothes.

The show was great tonight (much better than last night) and we saw some spectacular stuff. The most amusing act was one by a woman dressed up as a Hershey’s Kiss and she WORKED IT! It was one of the funniest/amusing things I have ever seen. There was a troupe of three that danced to the Transvestite Transylvania and it was some of the best dancing and performing of the evening. There were also two of the most elegant costumes I’ve ever seen tonight; both were made of sumptuous-looking silks, had lovely swarovski crystals, and were glamorous beyond words.

During the show we were sitting next to an amusing couple that we ended up chatting to for about an hour after the show. Cat and Jeremiah McCarthy were lovely, funny, passionate, and tons of fun. Shaz ended up chatting with Jeremiah while Cat and I gossiped about life. We live very different lives yet we connected on a very human level. I think we might have dinner with Cat tomorrow night…we’ll see if that pans out. I must say, I love that there are open, interesting people that go to burlesque events and are willing to chat with two dolls like Shaz and myself. What great conversations we had; I was sad to leave.

Off to bed so we can wake up early and do it all again tomorrow.