Day 27 – Mohawk Monday!!

I declare that it is Mohawk Monday!! I am rocking one today. How about you?

I love them and think everyone should wear one at least once. Here are my favorite mohawk/fauxhawk tutorials:

Elegant (from Day 21), which is great for medium/long hair.

Great for shorter hair:

Great if you have 30 minutes and a friend:

Yes, this looks rather time consuming, but it’s so pretty! I’m guessing if you have thinner hair, you could instead just make little buns/pin curls up the back and then curl the top to get a similar effect. What do you think?

The original inspiration:

Which one is your favorite?

Hair Tutorial – Day 21 – Side Roll

I think medium length hair would be ideal for this, but it sounds like long hair would also work. The only problem I foresee with long hair is that you have so much more to deal with!

Curl, pin, and spray! Have at it ladies.

If you do this hair style, let me know if you danced in it or not. I’m going to try this out for class, but who knows if it will actually stay in. Maybe more bobby pins will be in order. Hahah, and maybe I can bum hairspray off of someone.

Hair Tutorial – Day 17 – Hot Rollers

After watching as many hair tutorials as I have for this month, I realize how freaking important it is to have some body in your hair when you start. Reflecting on doing my hair over the last few years, my hair styles have stayed in longer and looked nicer when I started with curly hair. Arg!!! But that’s so much more time consuming! Ah, the price of beauty….

Ok, so how should I curl my hair? Well, there are a few different ways, but here’s how to use hot rollers!

OR this guy!

Gah, I’m sorry I keep finding videos with such chitta-chattah! Fast-forward to 2:12 to start the hair tutorial part. Dulce Candy87 is cute and bubbly in one of those 16 yo sorts of ways…..if you can get past the rhythm of her sentences and her roller coaster intonation, there’s a few good points to take away. Ahhh, Valley Girls…. *shake head

As you can see, it’s not particularly difficult, but there is a little skill involved. Pay attention to the direction you roll your hair and at what angle. Those details do make a difference in what your curls look like.

Now me in hot rollers!

Surely I can’t be the only one who has pictures of themselves looking silly in rollers?! Give ’em up ladies and send me some pictures to post or link me to them1