Drafts and Herrang Survey

Hi gang,

I’ve been pretty slack about posting since being in Herrang (ok, and before that as well). Fortunately, I wrote a number of drafts while I was gone, so over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting them.

Quick update about Herrang Dance Camp:

If you went, please take the survey so HDC can keep doing what you love and improve upon the other pieces. Please go here: http://www.herrang.com/herrang-2011-survey

I had the very, very best time. I’ve attended Herrang 4 years in a row and every year my experience has improved. My first year was pretty crap; I went with a set of unfounded expectations about how things were going to be and was completely disappointed. I had heard so many stories about the wonderment of Herrang, but my experience in 2008 was nothing like the fairytale. During my last few days that year I finally decided I was going to let go of my expectations and just try and have a good time, and I did. Lucky enough for me, I was invited to teach the following year and I had a much better experience. Again, I was invited to teach Week 2 and Week 4 this year and I had one of the best summers ever.

More on Herrang and the shenanigans to come!!