Herrang Wk4 – Costumes

Week 4

Friday, 29th July 2011

20 000 Leagues Under the Sea

The great big blue is welcoming you into a world of colourful fishes, seaweed and old shipwrecks. Green, blue, yellow and purple! A well hidden coffin with golden coins is a red mark on the treasure map. Captain Nemo and his crew are heading to sea in the big submarine Nautilus. Mermaids, cods and sharks, come and help battling against the terrifying school of giant squids. And who knows you might be the lucky one, when the night comes the treasure might be yours!

Photo Inspiration


Pretty straight forward, Gentlemen. Navy pants are clearly a must and it looks like a white turtle neck will get you pretty far this week! If you plan on getting dirty and don’t want to sully your top, a blue turtle neck with red piping and a matching cap will suffice. *smirk

Nothing says Nautical quite like a red & white striped shirt and navy pants. Am I right?!

I’ve already mentioned a white turtleneck, but extra points will be awarded to those wearing a ribbed one! And let’s not forget the beard. Seriously, Gentlemen, you either need to bring your chin (see image above) or grow a beard that says I Mean Business. Can’t wait to see what you guys draw on your face *smile*

Smoking jacket and organ anyone?

If everything else seems a bit trite, you can just bring your enormous octopus and your hull. Just sayin’….

My New and Improved Website

As some of you might be able to tell, my website has had a make-over!!

I was planning on being in Pittsburgh and San Francisco (not at the same time) this week, but instead, I am here in Gotenborg, Sweden. This means I have had more “spare” time on my hands than I was expecting. Since Herrang last August, I’ve been meaning to do a big overhaul of my site, but didn’t have the knowledge and time to do so. One book, many help sites, and eight months later, I can now do some basic wordpress stuff =).

What have I done, really?

For one, I am using the Jessica-Fletcher Redux theme and previously I was using Pressrow. I liked the flexibility that I had with pressrow, but I much prefer the look for the JFR. Just check out some of the goodies in my sidebar (look up and to the right)!! Now, let me just say I thought twitter was just silly, butnowihaveoneandIjustLOVEit. Haha, you too, can now follow along with Jo as she tweets her way around the lindy world *big cheesy smile!

Secondly, I have a new gallery. It’s very time consuming to set up, or at least the way I did it, but I adore the thing! It’s called NextGEN Gallery written by Alex Rabe and it’s awesome. I am sure there are other plugins that are as good as this one, but I don’t know about them (so I can’t tell you about them). Check out My Photo Page and take a look! Oh yeah, the first picture will open, and can still be downloaded, but for some strange reason I cannot get the gallery to show it. Oh well.

Finally, my video page. This has take me HOURS. I probably spent an hour and a half today and 4 hours (intermittently) yesterday finding a plugin I liked, installing, learned how to use it, and then found/created content for it. I am using the plugin Tubepress and I really like how thumbnails have been created, you click on them, and can watch them in one place. Now, I know that isn’t outrageous by any means, but this is the type of plugin I’ve been dreaming of for months, and I finally found it. l

“So why did it take you so long to get it set up?” Well, I wanted to use my videos from my¬† Vimeo page so I put in my user name and the plugin pulled the information off the web, and BOOM, it was working. Pretty cool, eh? Unfortunately, Vimeo stopped playing videos, and I am not sure why. Maybe it’s because I am in Europe? Maybe it’s my internet connection…..whatever the reason, I didn’t want to take my chances. The great thing about Tubepress is that you can use your vimeo or youtube account so with a few clicks of a button, my youtube video’s came up and there lies the time-consuming part. I could tell Tubepress to go find videos on youtube that had “Jo Hofberg, Lindy hop” as the tags, but then there are duplicates and rahrahrah, so instead you can have a place list embedded into your website. Love the idea, but I had to make the play list. I had read that you can’t reorder the play list once you’ve got it up so I meticulously searched for videos starting back in 2001 and did the best I could to mentally go in order of competitions and performances. Then I found out you can reorder it on youtube, just not on Tubepress. Gar. After finding the videos I had to save them to a playlist and then tell Tubepress where that play list was located. Once doing all the legwork, putting in the code was simple…..there was just a lot of stuff to do before getting to that point. The long of the short of it is that this is an awesome plugin and it was well worth my time to search out those videos.

So yeah, those are the three big changes on my website. Let me know what you think about the site, if you liked the old one more, and what plugins do you use that you really like. Thanks!!