My Sunday

My last day in Pittsburgh looked a little like this:

My Wolford Tights

Booo! My first pair of big-kid tights have finally been ruined. I bought these two years ago in Vienna, Austria for arguably way too much money, but I loved them and have worn them a ton!

Last week while in France, I put a hole in my favorite pair of Wolford tights while teaching my burlesque class. Here are Wolford Tabea Tights before the unspeakable accident happened. We were walking across the room and dragging our foot up our leg and my plastic-heeled shoes snagged my beloved tights. Oh, I can’t even begin to tell you how sad it was. Lots of girls commiserated with me, which I appreciated, but unfortunately it didn’t make my tights whole again.

So speaking of these tights, can anyone find them? I’d love to buy another pair, but I think they are discontinued. 🙁 If you can find them, please let me know!!




New Years Eve at Lindy Focus 2009 and Followlogie 2009

Wearing your Legs

Aside from how fun tights and leggings can be, I think all lindy hopping ladies should have a nice pair of skin colored tights, a good pair of black hose, and a hot pair of fishnets in their wardrobe. You can buy your basics at a Nordstroms, Victoria Secret, Target, etc or for an emergency pair run to your local drug store. And if you feel like your underwear should go the extra distance of keeping your wobbly-bits in place, then you should get a pair of Spanx. No only do these body-shapers smooth everything out, but they hold you in!

So after scouring the internet for tights that I thought were super classy (and scandalous), here are some hot commodities:

From Free People

Cuban Heel Backseam Hose Flower Tattoo Fishnets


Falke Sexy Cotton Coloured Contrast Back Seam ASOS Spider Net Tights (+)

From Babygirl Boutique

From Urban Outfitters

Sheer Diamond Tights Tuscan Floral Tight

Katie Anderson had some pretty amazing tights on while in Como, Italy. Total hotness. If you have any pictures of you in tights or have other favorites, let me know!!

DIY Friday: Doo.Ri Inspired Embellished Tights

I saw this post on Leann Peterson blog and loved it so much that I wanted to post it (and give her credit). You rock Leann!!

Cocorosa embellished tights main

I came across this cute DIY, which reminisces of the embellished tights seen at the Doo.Ri F/W 09 runway show, from style blogger Cocorosa. And if like her, you enjoy prancing around lower Manhattan in poofy white tutus, these tights are perfect for you, too.

Cocorosa tight4

What you need:

Plain sheer Tights– I used the Duane Read “Silken Mist” from Leggs, they consist of 87 percent nylon and 13 percent spandex. It is a cheap synthetic blend that doesn’t run as fast. Regular yarn, needles and scissors.

Trims: I got lucky looking at bridal trims. You should make sure to check the back of the trim to see if there is any stitching which is holding the trim together. Otherwise if you cut randomly you may loose beading or embellishments.

Embellishments: Sequins, pearls, etc

Cocorosa, tight3

Start cutting out the shapes of flowers and Patterns from the trims and laces, try to be different in how you cut out the patterns and the sizes so it doesn’t look too symmetrical.

Cocorosa, tight5

It is best to wear the tights when you are stitching so you can see the exact positioning and make sure the applicants will be neatly attached.

Cocorosa, tight2

Start by stitching on the bigger patterns; holding it down with one hand while stitching around the pattern, I love the loose threads but you can cut it off as you please, when the biggest embellishments are set its easy to fine tune with finer details like sequins and tiny pearls:) Try mixing and layering different patterns together for a richer feel of design.

Cocorosa Embellished Tights

Two other great ideas from her can be found here: Diamond-cut Leggings and a Fringe Zipper Necklace.