Hair Tutorial – Day Five – Bangs

Ladies, it’s Saturday and it’s time to Do it Up!! Even if you’re going to stay home and park it on the couch, do Hot Yoga, cook something new, or play with your cat, you should do this first, and then hang out with you, yourself, and your fabulous hair!

Make it big ladies. Go big or go home! If you’re already home, go BIG because you have no reason not to! Your cat will love it….I’m sure 😀

Yes, it does require that you curl your hair, but ladies…you’re worth it!! Just do it! Hahha, now that I’ve said that, I’ll have to hit up Nikki Marvin to see if I can borrow hers 🙂

Here’s another video that you might find interesting. The girl uses a hair rat in her bangs. I know I’ve been meaning to learn how to use mine, and now’s my chance!

Last, but not least, how to create bangs by teasing, curling, and spraying. What I really like about this last video is that she doesn’t talk though it. Instead, she has little placards that appear, give you tips, and then it goes back to her doing her hair at 1.5 speed. Yeah!!

Hair Tutorial – Day Three

I picked this video for two reasons. First, it looks pretty easy and is for medium length hair, and secondly, I think the Ukrainian girl has a very charming accent and her mannerism are adorable!

I don’t think I could dance in this one, but I could wear it as an every day look. I like the look of this better with curly hair, rather than straight, but I’m not willing to curl my hair at the moment. But I will say, having multi-colored hair makes this look kinda spiffy. 🙂

Hair Tutorial – Day One

Alright, here we have it, day one. I’m kinda excited for this!

I picked this video because I saw the photo thingy and dug the look. XTeeener, the author, goes on WAAAY to long, but at least has something fun, easy and quick.

In case you don’t want to watch the whole thing, scroll to the end and check out the photos of it (6:54). Here’s my Quick Run Down of what she had to say:

1) Make a poof and pin it. Personally I think this should be BIG, but that’s because I like wearing them that way!
2) Section the back part of your hair into 2 even sections, top and bottom.
3) Make a bun out of the top section. Secure.
4) Make a bun out of the bottom section. Secure.

Yeah….feel free to fast forward through that video, but at least give the hairstyle a shot!


February – A Month of Hair

Ok Ladies! The boys have Movember and Decem-beard and I figured we should have a month too! I’ve decided that it’s going to be Hair Tutorial Febru-hairy! Hair Tutorial Tuesday sounds better, I agree, but to be honest, I don’t know if I’ll be able to remember 52 different hair styles at the end of the year (and that requires long term diligence….don’t know about that one 😀 ).

So starting February 1st, for the entire month of February, I’m going to post Hair Tutorial videos that I’ve found on youtube and want to try. Some will be easy and quick and others will be long and arduous. Most will have something to do with the 1940s and 1950s, but there will probably be a faux-hawk or something enormous because that’s my style.

Hopefully I’ll have time (and remember) to take pictures of every one and post them with the blog posts, but no promises. Maybe they’ll just be one long photo spread at the end. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂 If you have pictures, please post them or send them to me and I’ll post them.

Alright ladies…..let’s do it up!!


Vintage Makeup Tutorial

I thought this was very charming. Enjoy!

1940’s Makeup Film – Face contouring / Lipstick and Hairlines
Archive Tutorial Film presented by Miss Ratherly Stern.
The ideal facial contour is supposed to be the oval.
But some of us have round faces,square faces or long faces.
What can we do to make our faces appear more oval ?

1.Round Faces:
Don’t wear too high a neck line. It shortens the neck and increases the effect of roundness!
Hair well off the forehead and flat against the temple !
Thin lipsticks, correctly applied to follow the natural mouthline !
A V neck completes the picture and gives the impression of a little more neck length
to give the impression of an oval face!

2.Square Faces:
Keep away from haircuts that hang in vertical lines near the side of the face and jawline in.This over emphasizes the squareness of the jaw.Avoid straight horizontal lines near the face – like thin lips / round or high horizontal necks.
Fill out the lower lip with your lipstick.
Hair should fall in curves around the jawline.
Wear a V neck line to pull the attention down from jaw.
Pure logic when you think about it.

3.The Long / Narrow Face.
Don’t wear V necks – This adds to the impression of length.
Avoid Piled up high hair on top of head as this also adds to the length of the face.
Hair should be off the top if the head and fluffed out at the sides to give the thin face added width.Finally a high neck line or choke distracts from the long neck ! Voila !
copyright-April2010 Glamourdaze

A wonderful vintage makeup tutorial from the 1940’s.
Enjoy !
Courtesy of the Prelinger Archive!

Fashion of the 1920’s

1920’s makeup was known for a simple approach and high drama result. Lines were solid and the makeup was meant to look anything but natural. The natural look had been so important during the Victorian and Edwardian ages that, by the 1920’s, women wanted something different.

It’s important to remember that the 1920’s had a different kind of makeup than what we use now. Beauty inventions, such as mascara in a tube with a brush, had not been created yet. So try to substitute the best you can with what you can get.

Women went with a pale face in the 1920’s, often using a white or cream base. The base could be a cream or a powder, depending on the exact woman. They created a plain, light palette to apply further makeup on.

1920’s makeup for the eyes was dark and smoky. Women often wore charcoal or grey eye shadow, and only wore the shadow on the lower lid. A thin line of black eyeliner was traced around the eyes, then often smudged at the ends. Mascara, not yet available in its easy present form, existed as a wax that you applied with a stick. So lashes were dark, but not heavily made up.

Eyebrows in the 1920’s were worn high, thin and sloping. They didn’t arch, but looked more like a half circle. Eyebrows were worn long, often ending at the edge of the eye. The brow was colored dark with a pencil or wax to really stand out.

Women preferred a rosy blush for their cheeks in the 1920’s. Rose, dusty rose, raspberry and even orange were common blush hues. The blush was applied lightly to the apple of the cheeks and then blended in. Women in the 1920’s did not tend to wear blush outside the apple of the cheek.

Women’s lips in the 1920’s were made up to represent a Cupid’s bow. Lip liner was used to create a bow shaped top lip and a full, but short lower lip. It was really all about the lips when in came to 1920’s makeup—the darker the color the better. Women wore a lot of red, burgundy and other bold lip colors.

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