Disco party this weekend at Swinglandia!!!

Here are the sources of my inspiration for this weekend:

And let’s not forget one of the hallmark dance scenes from the 1970s!

Now, let’s boogie!


The Plan – Wedesday

Our plan continues to change, but in general, this is what I think we are going to do:

(This is from an email that Kevin wrote to a buddy of our back in Pittsburgh)

” We are still in Gotenborg, Sweden and our ideas for what to do next change daily, sometimes hourly, but it looks like we will all go to Stockholm this weekend for a big dance show, then take a ferry down to Riga, Latvia where hopefully our Lindy Mafia friends from Vilnus, Lithuania will pick us up and drive us to Vilnius where Juan and Sharon are teaching a workshop. Meanwhile, Jo and I will try to catch a ride from the Rhythm Junkies (Lithuania Jazz Band) who are hired at the same event in Kiev, Ukraine. Of course, we need to try to get transit visas through Belarus first. Juan and Sharon were already going to be in Europe. The volcano is [potentially] making them miss their gig in Slovenia . Jo and I where hoping to be back in the US for 10 days, but it’s smarter for us to stay since we have three big gigs in May that we don’t want to miss. Even if we go to the US, we may not be able to get back for in time. ”

The latest and greatest! More to come!!

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Kyiv, Ukraine

That’s where I am at the moment!

After flying in Phillip, the the guy who picked us up last year, came and got us in his old, white Volvo and then dropped us off at Oxana’s house.

We had an appertif and then went for sushi which was um,um good! Since then there has been some internet time and some dance time.

I am getting ready to head to bed. I’ll be away from the internet until Sunday night, possibly Monday, so if anything important happens, I won’t be present for it.

And the adventure begins…..

(oh yea, I don’t have a spell check here so if there are any mispellings, it’s because I can’t spell and the Ukrainian computer isn’t trained in English)