Dupenny’s Homewares

Oh my goodness, these are so fun! Dupenny‘s was founded in 2009 by Emily Dupen-Hopkins. Her dream was to make the world smile with her lovely hand-drawn ladies. In case you only purchase sustainable materials, you’re in luck; she uses them whenever possible. If you are interested in some of these fabulous finds, you can grab them on super sale on Fab.com! Act fast though, because the deal will run out!


Here’s a quick blurb from the website:

Welcome to our world of delightful walls and charming creations. At Dupenny we design and produce exquisite wallpaper, beautiful homewares and fine ceramics with a refreshing twist. The inspiration for Dupenny’s designs comes from all things cheeky as we aim to bring a smile to every room!

Love it!!


Bone Jitterbug Jane Heeled Sandals

Some fun, new fabulous shoes I stumbled upon. Good for balboa?

These fabulous retro 1940’s inspired pumps are reminiscent of the shoes women used to wear to USO dance halls during World War II. Made of bone (antique ivory) colored faux-leather, they feature a sling-back shape, darling cut-out details, maryjane style T-straps, a platform sole, and thick 3.25″ heels (2.75″ if you exclude the 1/2″ platform sole). We can’t imagine any retro swing kitten’s wardrobe would be complete without these ♥

Here they are in teal and black.

Available in full sizes only.

Hair Tutorial – Day 22 – Retro Hairstyle

This looks like it should be a pretty quick hairstyle. Nothing specially needed really, just a bunch of bobby pins (and maybe some hairspray if you want some extra hold) and patience.

Load the video and then jump through it. If you can figure out how to twist your hair and pin it so it looks like this on both sides…

….then jump ahead to 2:10 and start rolling the back of your hair. “Like so…”

Rolling the back of my hair seems to take forever! I’ve been told the best way to roll up the back of your hair is start in the middle and then do the sides. Have you heard the same thing? Do you prefer to work from one side to the other? Do you work R-to-L or L-to-R?

Hair Tutorial – Day 21 – Side Roll

I think medium length hair would be ideal for this, but it sounds like long hair would also work. The only problem I foresee with long hair is that you have so much more to deal with!

Curl, pin, and spray! Have at it ladies.

If you do this hair style, let me know if you danced in it or not. I’m going to try this out for class, but who knows if it will actually stay in. Maybe more bobby pins will be in order. Hahah, and maybe I can bum hairspray off of someone.

Hair Tutorial – Day 12 – Inspired by Bernie

Save yourself the time and start at 1:52. This is a super fast and easy hair style and that will definitely make it into my hair style rotation. You’ll need medium to long hair to do this.

I think if you you can do a number of different things with this style once you are comfortable with the technique. Play around with it a little bit and let me know how you modify this to make it work for you. Mini french twist in the back? A hair rat in the front?


I want this luggage!! It’s not going to happen, but a girl can dream!

Luxury Luggage Sets like this J-Crew Globe-Trotter Centenary Collection is a stand-out luxury luggage line that will stand out at any airport. Handcrafted by Globe-Trotter, the British company whose expertly crafted luggage has been carried by royalty and other discerning customers since 1897, J-Crew Luxury Luggage Sets are guaranteed to withstand the rigors of travel–or the weight of a one-ton elephant, whichever is worse–thanks to the strength of exceptionally lightweight Vulcan Fibre. Each and every case is handmade by an experienced craftsman in our own custom color combination. The collection is available only in very limited quantities and features a Vulcan Fibre shell, cotton lining, leather trim and straps. The collection includes a vanity case ($1,000), trolley case ($1,800), suitcase with wheels ($2,200), extra-deep suitcase with wheels ($2,300), and extra-deep suitcase with wheels ($2,400).

Vintage Clothing for Kids

Oh ma-goodness. Why weren’t there clothes like this when I was a kid?!!! Good on you Teeny Bunny for making these darling clothes! Thank goodness I know someone who is an appropriate size and age for these clothes…..I wonder what Anjali is going to get for Christmas this year?

Send this to all the people you know that have darling kids that are in dire need of some vintage gear!

yellow dress blue cloche mustache dress light blue navy dress flapper set

Betsey Johnson shoes on Overstock

The other day I was looking all over the web for a winter coat (read about it here) and while on Overstock I stumbled upon some gorgeous Betsey Johnson shoes. I’ve been having a secret love affair with Betsey for the past two year and I can’t seem to get her out of my head. Luckily, she’s pricey enough that I can only splurge on some of her goodies every once and a while.

Some shoes that tickle my fancy:
Betsey Johnson Lefty Brown ($116.47)Betsey Johnson Lefty Brown

Betsey Johnson Kipp Black/Fusian Satin ($97.05)Betsey Johnson Kipp Black/Fuchsia Satin
Betsey Johnson Adair Black Snake ($142.45) 2 other colors available
Betsey Johnson Adair Black Snake

Betsey Johnson Bosy Black/Red ($103.52)Betsey Johnson Bosy Black/Red

Betsey Johnson Never Blue Suede ($116.47)

Betsey Johnson Never Blue Suede

Betsey Johnson Azura Black Snake ($129.41)

Betsey Johnson Azura Black Snake

Betsey Johnson Madeline Black Leather ($110)Betsey Johnson Madeline Black Leather
Betsey Johnson Whisper Brown Suede ($72.99)

Betsey Johnson Whisper Brown Suede(Size 8 M)
Betsey Johnson Clovis Black Multi ($103.52)

Betsey Johnson Clovis Black Multi