Cab’s Dictionary of Jive

Bobby White, an excellent writer, leader, and P90X follower, alerted me to Cab Calloway’s Dictionary of Jive. I realize that I say a few of these things anyways and feel like I should adopt a few more of these and see if I can influence my students to pick up some of the words/phrases as well. Here’s a list of the one’s I’ll try and focus on for the next few months (and please click here and see the entire list).


* A hummer (n.) — exceptionally good. Ex., “Man, that boy is a hummer.”
* Alligator (n.) — jitterbug.
* Barbecue (n.) — the girl friend, a beauty
* Battle (n.) — a very homely girl, a crone.
* Beat (adj.) — (1) tired, exhausted. Ex., “You look beat” or “I feel beat.” (2) lacking anything. Ex, “I am beat for my cash”, “I am beat to my socks” (lacking everything).
* Beat it out (v.) — play it hot, emphasize the rhythym.
* Beat up (adj.) — sad, uncomplimentary, tired.
* Bible (n.) — the gospel truth. Ex., “It’s the bible!”
* Blow the top (v.) — to be overcome with emotion (delight). Ex., “You’ll blow your top when you hear this one.”
* Bring down ((1) n. (2) v.) — (1) something depressing. Ex., “That’s a bring down.” (2) Ex., “That brings me down.”
* Cat (n.) — musician in swing band.
* Chick (n.) — girl.
* Chime (n.) — hour. Ex., “I got in at six chimes.”
* Cogs (n.) — sun glasses.
* Collar (v.) — to get, to obtain, to comprehend. Ex., “I gotta collar me some food”; “Do you collar this jive?”
* Come again (v.) — try it over, do better than you are doing, I don’t understand you.
* Comes on like gangbusters (or like test pilot) (v.) — plays, sings, or dances in a terrific manner, par excellence in any department. Sometimes abbr. to “That singer really comes on!”
* Cups (n.) — sleep. Ex., “I gotta catch some cups.”
* Cut out (v.) — to leave, to depart. Ex., “It’s time to cut out”; “I cut out from the joint in early bright.”
* Dig (v.) — (1) meet. Ex., “I’ll plant you now and dig you later.” (2) look, see. Ex., “Dig the chick on your left duke.” (3) comprehend, understand. Ex., “Do you dig this jive?”
* Dime note (n.) — ten-dollar bill.
* Have a ball (v.) — to enjoy yourself, stage a celebration. Ex., “I had myself a ball last night.”
* Hep cat (n.) — a guy who knows all the answers, understands jive.
* Jitterbug (n.) — a swing fan.
* Jive (n.) — Harlemese speech.
* Joint is jumping — the place is lively, the club is leaping with fun.
* Killer-diller (n.) — a great thrill.
* Knock (v.) — give. Ex., “Knock me a kiss.”
* Mezz (n.) — anything supreme, genuine. Ex., “this is really the mezz.”
* Pecking (n.) — a dance introduced at the Cotton Club in 1937.
* Rug cutter (n.) — a very good dancer, an active jitterbug.
* Salty (adj.) — angry, ill-tempered.
* Sky piece (n.) — hat.
* Solid (adj.) — great, swell, okay.
* Susie-Q (n.) — a dance introduced at the Cotton Club in 1936.
* Timber (n.) — toothipick.
* Togged to the bricks — dressed to kill, from head to toe.
* Truck (v.) — to go somewhere. Ex., “I think I’ll truck on down to the ginmill (bar).”
* Trucking (n.) — a dance introduced at the Cotton Club in 1933.
* Whipped up (adj.) — worn out, exhausted, beat for your everything.
* Wren (n.) — a chick, a queen.
* Zoot (adj.) — overexaggerated as applied to clothes.
* Zoot suit (n.) — overexaggerated clothes.

Vintage Makeup Tutorial

I thought this was very charming. Enjoy!

1940’s Makeup Film – Face contouring / Lipstick and Hairlines
Archive Tutorial Film presented by Miss Ratherly Stern.
The ideal facial contour is supposed to be the oval.
But some of us have round faces,square faces or long faces.
What can we do to make our faces appear more oval ?

1.Round Faces:
Don’t wear too high a neck line. It shortens the neck and increases the effect of roundness!
Hair well off the forehead and flat against the temple !
Thin lipsticks, correctly applied to follow the natural mouthline !
A V neck completes the picture and gives the impression of a little more neck length
to give the impression of an oval face!

2.Square Faces:
Keep away from haircuts that hang in vertical lines near the side of the face and jawline in.This over emphasizes the squareness of the jaw.Avoid straight horizontal lines near the face – like thin lips / round or high horizontal necks.
Fill out the lower lip with your lipstick.
Hair should fall in curves around the jawline.
Wear a V neck line to pull the attention down from jaw.
Pure logic when you think about it.

3.The Long / Narrow Face.
Don’t wear V necks – This adds to the impression of length.
Avoid Piled up high hair on top of head as this also adds to the length of the face.
Hair should be off the top if the head and fluffed out at the sides to give the thin face added width.Finally a high neck line or choke distracts from the long neck ! Voila !
copyright-April2010 Glamourdaze

A wonderful vintage makeup tutorial from the 1940’s.
Enjoy !
Courtesy of the Prelinger Archive!

Can-Can Class

Hey Ladies!

Hike up your skirts and let’s see those high kicks! The Can Can is a high-energy and physically demanding music hall dance, traditionally performed by a chorus line of female dancers who wear costumes with long skirts, petticoats, and black stockings. The main features of the dance are the lifting up and manipulation of the skirts, with high kicking and suggestive, provocative body movements. For more history about the dance, go here!

If you are planning on attending this class, please bring a skirt or a dress you can easily lift up with you (hahah, and bring appropriate underwear too!). Preferably you’ll want a long, full circle skirt, but a short circle skirt will do. If you don’t own any skirts, now is a great time to buy one OR you can borrow a t-shirt from your largest guy friend and wear that! Even if you don’t have a skirt, dress, or big t-shirt to lift up, you can still come and learn the most important thing: how to Can Can!

If you’re interested in buying a skirt, you can get one at Rivers Edge Dancewear. If you want to sew your own and are looking for a pattern, check this out! If you want some cute ruffle dance pants, check out this Square Dancing site!

Here’s a video to give you a preview of the vintage:

Uploaded by ladystockingtops on December 15, 2006

This French CanCan comes from a compilation film of Music Hall acts made in the UK in 1943. It has never been sold on DVD or VHS as far as I know and has only been shown on TV once in the last 20 years.

….and the modern:

Uploaded by ladystockingtops on April 21, 2006

This was a one off show in ( I think ) about 1981 but I can’t be certain. The Moulin Rouge shut for a night so the show could come to London

….and a Hollywood style one

Get ready!!!

The 2nd Annual Seattle Vintage Fashion Runway Show and Lecture

Friday evening December 4th, 2009. Featuring a beautiful and authentic collection of Men’s and Women’s Jazz Age Vintage Fashion of the 1920’s 30’s and 40’s on the Runway! Brought to you by your fashion hostess Lorraine O’Neal.

The Roaring 20’s, the somber 1930’s, the wartime 1940’s, times defined by dramatic change in American and European history. Times of revolution in every sphere of human activity, Politics and Cultural norms and values, from the new found freedom of the Women’s Liberation movement to changes in technology, mass media, music and dance.  Changes in fashion during this time were no exception, but a sign of the times. Come celebrate a runway view of vintage fashion, and live history through these fashions.

TICKETS Purchase tickets here at Brown Paper Tickets Event Vintage Fashion Show Event #79883

$12  Presale tickets, until Nov 13. After Nov 13th, tickets are $14. Seating is severely limited.

WHEN A luscious Friday, Evening Dec 4, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

WHERE The DAR Rainier Chapter House in Capital Hill, Seattle

800 East Roy St., Seattle WA      map

MORE INFO If you would like more information about this event please contact Lorraine O’Neal at e-mail address :

FACEBOOK:  Join this Event on Facebook and get the latest info.

And here is a fun write-up in the Seattle Metropolitan.

Repetition Bracelet

I love that costume jewelry is trendy at the moment! All it takes is one piece to add a bit of shine to any top to give it a boost. Perfect for the wintery holiday season, this fantastic Maslodesign Repetition Bracelet ($76) is a great way to show off your wrist as well as distract children and pet! Beautifully handcrafted, Maslodesign is a melange of vintage, modern and smart style.

Rhinestone bracelet with capped silver tassel.

Vintage Fashion Expo in Los Angeles

Click the banner to go to their website for more details than what I have here.

Vintage Fashion Expo
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
October 17th and 18th, 2009
Expo Hours Saturday 10:30am-6:00pm, Sunday 11:00am-5:00pm
Students free on Sun. with student ID. Tickets are $10.00, follow this link
to go to their COUPON page and save $5

They have an average of 90 vendors at the expo selling clothes, shoes, jewelry, patterns, purses…you name it! Here is a short list from the website.

Vintage Blue Moon
Rare Finds
Sentiments By Katherine
Atelier Suzanne
Decades of Fashion
Papillon Antiques
Snappy Gabs
Mr. Toads
Lapin Vintage
Scout LA
Foxy Couture
Flaun’s Vintage Clothing
Barbara & Kent Grigg
Gail Gum Antiques
Hot Couture
A La Mode Vintage
Jean Langford
The Mad Hatters Tea Party
Re-Vamp Vintage
Little Treasures
Vintage Apparel by Ardis
King Vintage
Connie Parente Accessories
Feather Vintage
Chris Enebo Antiques
Now ‘N’ Then
Marche aux Puces
Discover Yesterday
Bobbie Boutique
Two Sisters
Ellen’s Elegants
Vintage Vanities
Allyn Scura Eyewear
Cherry, Inc.
Edith’s Daughter
The Nostalgic Lady
The Bakelite Lady
Trappings of Time
Mercer International
Time Slot Antiques
The Cat’s Meow
Woodland Farms Vintage
Frock You Vintage
The Paper Bag Princess
Timeless Vixen
The Other Shop
Raw Vintage
Retro Diva
Faultline Collectables
Honeymoon Antiques
TaTa Lane
Pamela Heiman Vintage
Avenue Antiques
Charles Nero Art & Antiques
Paris Vintage
Bertz Antiques
Mermaid’s Haven
Licia Kuhn Antiques
G.S. Antiques LLC
Cathy Githens Antiques
Anna Newman Vintage
The Butlers Cottage
Red Headed Rachel
The Tie Merchant
Mary’s Exchange
Soiree Vintage
Erzsebet Bathory
Ms. Matcher’s Matchless Jewelry
Kathy Judkins
Eva Linowski
Dena McCarthy
Octavia’s Scrapbook
Gail Pierson
LA Vintage Boudoir
Cheetah Girl
Clever Vintage Clothing
Somewhere In Time
Juliana Goitein
Linda Goldberg
Kerry Holden
Mary Scates Antiques