Herrang 2010 Videos

A wrap-up of some great things captured on video from Herrang.

Cabaret, Week 5

Cabaret Week 4

Cabaret Week 3

Week 3 Recap by Bobby Bonsey

The Rhythm Junkies, Week 5

The Rhythm Junkies – Viper’s Mad

The Rhythm Junkies and The Carling Family Band

Herrang Bollywood Opening week 2 with Jaume de Francisco

Charleston World of Herrang by JB Mino

Charleston Class with Jana

Holy cow! Jana has so much energy and her lines are outstanding. xoxo

Shakespeare in Herrang

What did I miss that you’ve seen that I should? Post a link in the comments for me!!

Week 3 Cabaret – Vogue

Last night in the Week 3 Herrang Cabaret, we performed Vogue:

Who is “we”?

Evita Arce and Gio starring as Madonna and the backup dancers were Sharon Davis, Juan Villafane, Michael Jagger, Ilan Dromi, Bobby Bonsey and myself.