QLL – don’t drink the water

I learned this the last time I went to Mexico (and Egypt for that matter), and since I am back in the area, I felt like this was appropriate.

There are some places where the tap water taste awesome and there are some places that it doesn’t. There are some places where tap water revitalizes you, and there are some places that give subject you to Montezuma’s Revenge!! Drink bottled water while on vacation (in some areas) and remember that vegetables are washed in local water meaning…..that awesome salsa you just had will do you in later!

DON’T waste water!!!


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We all need to do our part. What are you doing to make a difference?

These are the changes I have made:

When I shower, I turn off the water when I put product on my hair, face, and body
When I shower, I use a bucket to catch the extra water while it warms up (before I get in) and then keep it in the back to catch extra.
I don’t brush my teeth with the water running.
I only do laundry when I have a full load.
I decline having water while at restaurants; there will always be someone who doesn’t drink theirs.

(and energy-wise, I also unplug things when they aren’t being used. Keeping your cell phone charger, blender, play station, or whatever plugged in used quite a bit of energy over the year and is costly for your wallet.)