My Wolford Tights

Booo! My first pair of big-kid tights have finally been ruined. I bought these two years ago in Vienna, Austria for arguably way too much money, but I loved them and have worn them a ton!

Last week while in France, I put a hole in my favorite pair of Wolford tights while teaching my burlesque class. Here are Wolford Tabea Tights before the unspeakable accident happened. We were walking across the room and dragging our foot up our leg and my plastic-heeled shoes snagged my beloved tights. Oh, I can’t even begin to tell you how sad it was. Lots of girls commiserated with me, which I appreciated, but unfortunately it didn’t make my tights whole again.

So speaking of these tights, can anyone find them? I’d love to buy another pair, but I think they are discontinued. 🙁 If you can find them, please let me know!!




New Years Eve at Lindy Focus 2009 and Followlogie 2009

New Year Eve – outfit

I had a doppelganger at Lindy Focus this year!

Photo courtesy of Sharon Davis

Delilah Williams bought her dress from Bebe and I my dress was a Jessica McClintock. Sharon said we looked like reversed French Maids….I thought that was a great way of describing us.

I don’t have any more details on what Delilah was wearing, but here is my run down.

Dress – Jessica McClintock
Tights – Tabeau Tights by Wolford
Shoes – Gramercy by Remix

Here is a picture of what my nails were supposed to look like:

nails - b&w

What did you wear?