Lip Sync Battle with Nina Gilkenson

Some of These Walks

Social Dancing

Solo Jazz with Laura Glaess

The Big Apple

The Jungle Book – Mikey Pedroza, Gaby Cook, and Kevin St Laurent

Krooked Blues

Solo Blues with Alice Mei

ILHC – with Peter Strom

Shake That Thing

Burlesque – Drunken Seduction

ESDC – Jack & Jill

Solo Jazz – with Evita Arce and Elyse Sparks

ILHC – Solo Charleston

Hot Club Killer Stomp – Nick Williams, Nikki Marvin, and Mikey Pedroza

Honolulu Recreation

Caravan Fan Dance – Evita Arce and Sharon Davis

Killer Diller Charleston Performance

Can-Can with Evita Arce

That’s Communication

Social Dancing 2009

CSI Performance with Mikey Pedroza & Kevin St Laurent

Chorus Girls at Lindy Focus

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